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Dr. Maria Hörhold

Senior Scientist, tenure track
Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz-Centre
for Polar and Marine Research
Am Alten Hafen, 26
D-27568 Bremerhaven

  + 49 (0)471 4831 1791

Expertise & Interests

PAGES interests        2k Network, Antarctica2k, Arctic2k, CVAS - Climate Variability Across Scales, World Climate Research Programme
Topics        Thresholds and abrupt changes, Ice dynamics, Interannual-decadal varaibility, Climate dynamics, Climate variability, Proxy development, Statistical analysis
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Future projection, Observational period, Holocene, Last millennia, Last glacial cycle
Regions        Antarctic region, Arctic
Archives        Ice cores/glaciers
Sector        Research
Discipline        Glaciology