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Dr. Jacob Freeman

Assistant Professor
Anthropology Program
Utah State University
0730 Old Mian
84321 Logan

Expertise & Interests


Overview / specialty        I am a human ecologist. I study long-term changes in human-environment interactions. My current projects include studying the robustness of human-resource systems to population increase, climate change and globalization; the emergence of territoriality in hunter-gatherer social-ecological systems; and the adoption of farming.
PAGES interests        2k Network, CVAS - Climate Variability Across Scales, Future Earth
Topics        Human impacts & interactions, Modeling, Sustainability
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene, Pleistocene
Regions        Africa, Australasia, North America
Archives        Archeology, Model results
Sector        Academia / Education
Discipline        Archeology