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Dr. Estelle Razanatsoa

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dept. of Biological Sciences
University of Cape Town
A4 Ambleside
7700 Rosebank
Cape Town
South Africa

  +(27) 720550411

  ECN Member

Expertise & Interests

Official PAGES function(s)        DiverseK working group leader
Official functions (outside of PAGES)        Postdoctoral Research Fellow
PAGES interests        ECN, DiverseK, Future Earth, Former WG - Biodiversity Theme
Topics        Chronology, Climate variability, Ecosystem processes, Extreme events, Fire, Human impacts & interactions, Interannual-decadal varaibility, Statistical analysis, Thresholds and abrupt changes
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene
Regions        Africa, Global
Archives        Instrumental records, Lake sediments, Loess, Pollen, Tree rings
Sector        Academia / Education, Outreach/Communication, Science policy
Discipline        Dendrochronology, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)ecology, Palynology