Sea Level and Ice Sheet Evolution: A PALSEA Special Edition

Eds: Siddall M & Milne G

Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 315-316, 1-102, 2012

This special issue is a contribution by the PAGES PALSEA Working Group.

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> Understanding sea-level change is impossible without both insights from paleo studies and working across disciplines [p.2]
Siddall M & Milne G

> The anatomy of interglacial sea levels: The relationship between sea levels and ice volumes during the Last Interglacial [p.4]
Lambeck K, Purcell A & Dutton A

> Uncertainties in elevation changes and their impact on Antarctic temperature records since the end of the last glacial period [p.12]
Siddall M, Milne GA & Masson-Delmotte V

> Modeling the surface mass-balance response of the Laurentide Ice Sheet to Bølling warming and its contribution to Meltwater Pulse 1A [p.24]
Carlson AE, Ullman DJ, Anslow FS, He F, Clark PU, Liu Z & Otto-Bliesner BL

> A data-calibrated distribution of deglacial chronologies for the North American ice complex from glaciological modeling [p.30]
Tarasov L, Dyke AS, Neal RM & Peltier WR

> Synchronizing a sea-level jump, final Lake Agassiz drainage, and abrupt cooling 8200 years ago [p.41]
Li Y-X, Törnqvist TE, Nevitt JM & Kohl B

> Evidence for centennial scale sea level variability during the Medieval Climate Optimum (Crusader Period) in Israel, eastern Mediterranean [p.51]
Wake LM, Milne GA, Long AJ, Woodroffe SA, Simpson MJR & Huybrechts P

> Relative sea-level response to Little Ice Age ice mass change in south central Alaska: Reconciling model predictions and geological evidence [p.62]
Barlow NLM, Shennan I & Long AJ

> Relative sea-level change in Greenland during the last 700 yrs and ice sheet response to the Little Ice Age [p.76]
Long AJ, Woodroffe SA, Milne GA, Bryant CL, Simpson MJR & Wake LM

> Century-scale relative sea-level changes in West Greenland — A plausibility study to assess contributions from the cryosphere and the ocean [p.86]
Wake LM, Milne GA, Long AJ, Woodroffe SA, Simpson MJR & Huybrechts P

> Nineteenth and twentieth century sea-level changes in Tasmania and New Zealand [p.94]
Gehrels WR, Callard SL, Moss PT, Marshall WA, Blaauw M, Hunter J, Milton JA & Garnett MH


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