Assessing Subsidence Rates and Paleo Water-Depths for Tahiti Reefs Using U–Th Chronology of Altered Corals

Thomas AL, Fujita K, Iryu Y, Bard E, Cabioch G, Camoin G, Cole JE, Deschamps P, Durand N, Hamelin B, Heindel K, Henderson GM, Mason AJ, Matsuda H, Ménabréaz L, Omori A, Quinn T, Sakai S, Sato T, Sugihara K, Takahashi Y, Thouveny N, Tudhope AW, Webster J, Westphal H & Yokoyama Y

Marine Geology, vol. 295-298, 86-94, 2012

This is a contribution resulting from the PAGES PALSEA Working Group.

Category: Journal articles