Arctic hydroclimate variability during the last 2000 years: current understanding and research challenges

Linderholm HW, Nicolle M, Francus P, Gajewski K, Helama S, Korhola A, Solomina O, Yu Z, Zhang P, D'Andrea WJ, Debret M, Divine DV, Gunnarson BE, Loader NJ, Massei N, Seftigen K, Thomas EK, Werner J, Andersson S, Berntsson A, Luoto TP, Nevalainen L, Saarni S & Väliranta M

Climate of the Past, vol. 14, 473-514, 2018

This article is a contribution to the PAGES 2k Network special issue of Climate of the Past, titled "Climate of the past 2000 years: regional and trans-regional syntheses".

Category: Special issue articles