Climate Variations in South America Over the Last 2000 Years

Eds: Masiokas MH, Christie D, Grosjean M, Rivera A, Villalba R & Kiefer T

Climate of the Past, 2012

This special issue originates from the 2nd symposium held in Chile in October 2010 of the PAGES initiative: Long-term climate reconstruction and dynamics of southern South America: A collaborative, high-resolution multi-proxy approach (a.k.a. LOTRED-South America).

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> Comparison of 20th century and pre-industrial climate over South America in regional model simulations [p.1599]
Wagner S, I. Fast & Kaspar F

> Investigating late Holocene variations in hydroclimate and the stable isotope composition of precipitation using southern South American peatlands: an hypothesis [p.1457]
Daley TJ, Mauquoy D, Chambers FM, Street-Perrott FA, Hughes PDM, Loader NJ, Roland TP, Bellen Sv, Garcia-Meneses P & Lewin S

> Modelling and climatic interpretation of the length fluctuations of Glaciar Frías (north Patagonian Andes, Argentina) 1639–2009 AD [p.1639]
Leclercq PW, Pitte P, Giesen RH, Masiokas MH & Oerlemans J

> A review of the South American monsoon history as recorded in stable isotopic proxies over the past two millennia [p.1309]
Vuille M, Burns SJ, Taylor BL, Cruz FW, Bird BW, Abbott MB, Kanner LC, Cheng H & Novello VF

> Fluctuations of Glaciar Esperanza Norte in the north Patagonian Andes of Argentina during the past 400 yr [p.1079]
Ruiz L, Masiokas MH & Villalba R

> Documentary evidence for changing climatic and anthropogenic influences on the Bermejo Wetland in Mendoza, Argentina, during the 16th–20th century [p.951]
Prieto MR & Rojas F

> Multi-century tree-ring based reconstruction of the Neuquén River streamflow, northern Patagonia, Argentina [p.815]
Mundo IA, Masiokas MH, Villalba R, Morales MS, Neukom R, Quesne CL, Urrutia RB & Lara A

> Precipitation changes in the South American Altiplano since 1300 AD reconstructed by tree-rings [p.653]
Morales MS, Christie DA, Villalba R, Argollo J, Pacajes J, Silva JS, Alvarez CA, Llancabure JC & Gamboa CCS

> Precipitation as the main driver of Neoglacial fluctuations of Gualas glacier, Northern Patagonian Icefield [p.519]
Bertrand S, Hughen KA, Lamy F, Stuut J-BW, Torrejón F & Lange CB

> Fire history in western Patagonia from paired tree-ring fire-scar and charcoal records [p.451]
Holz A, Haberle S, Veblen TT, Pol-Holz RD & Southon J

> Little Ice Age advance and retreat of Glaciar Jorge Montt, Chilean Patagonia [p.403]
Rivera A, Koppes M, Bravo C & Aravena JC

> Climate variability of the mid- and high-latitudes of the Southern Hemisphere in ensemble simulations from 1500 to 2000 AD [p.373]
Wilmes SB, Raible CC & Stocker TF

> Hydroclimate variability in the low-elevation Atacama Desert over the last 2500 yr [p.287]
Gayo EM, Latorre C, Santoro CM, Maldonado A & Pol-Holz RD

This special issue collates original research papers and reviews on paleoclimatic studies in southern South America over the past few millennia. Papers address the potential of different proxies for paleoclimatic reconstruction, present new datasets, and analyze regional features of model simulations. The topics covered complement those already presented in a first LOTRED-SA Special Issue published in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (Villalba et al., 2009).

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