WALIS – the World Atlas of Last Interglacial Shorelines

Eds: Rovere A, Ryan D, Murray-Wallace CV, Vacchi M, Simms A & Dutton A

Earth System Science Data, 2020

This special issue is supported by PALSEA (a PAGES-INQUA working group) and by WARMCOASTS (ERC StG 802414). The last interglacial (125 ka) represents the last warm period of the Earth's history when climate was warmer than present. Understanding sea-level changes in the last interglacial is important for unravelling future ice melting scenarios. Although the age, elevation, and geological characteristics of last interglacial sea-level proxies have been reported in the literature, thus far few organized data collections have been compiled. With this special issue, editors want to invite regional experts on last interglacial sea-level proxies to review existing (and new) last interglacial sea-level data for specific regions.

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Accepted articles

> A standardized database of Marine Isotope Stage 5e sea-level proxies in southern Africa (Angola, Namibia and South Africa)
J. Andrew G. Cooper and Andrew N. Green

> Last interglacial sea levels within the Gulf of Mexico and northwestern Caribbean Sea
Alexander R. Simms

> Last interglacial (MIS 5e) sea-level proxies in southeastern South America
Evan J. Gowan, Alessio Rovere, Deirdre D. Ryan, Sebastian Richiano, Alejandro Montes, Marta Pappalardo, and Marina L. Aguirre

> A review of MIS 5e sea-level proxies around Japan
Evan Tam and Yusuke Yokoyama

Submitted articles

> Last Interglacial sea-level proxies in the Western Mediterranean
Ciro Cerrone, Matteo Vacchi, Alessandro Fontana, and Alessio Rovere

> A Global Database of Marine Isotope Stage 5a and 5c Marine Terraces and Paleoshoreline Indicators
Schmitty B. Thompson and Jessica R. Creveling

> Marine terraces of the last interglacial period along the Pacific coast of South America (1° N–40° S)
Roland Freisleben, Julius Jara-Muñoz, Daniel Melnick, José Miguel Martínez, and Manfred R. Strecker

> Last Interglacial (sensu lato, ~130 to 75 ka) sea level history from cave deposits: a global standardized database
Oana A. Dumitru, Victor J. Polyak, Yemane Asmerom, and Bogdan P. Onac

> A Global Compilation of U-series Dated Fossil Coral Sea-level Indicators for the Last Interglacial Period (MIS 5e)
Peter M. Chutcharavan and Andrea Dutton

> A standardized database of Marine Isotopic Stage 5e sea-level proxies on tropical Pacific Islands
Nadine Hallmann, Gilbert Camoin, Jody M. Webster, and Marc Humblet

> Last Interglacial sea-level proxies in East Africa and the Western Indian Ocean
Patrick Boyden, Jennifer Weil-Accardo, Pierre Deschamps, Davide Oppo, and Alessio Rovere

> The last interglacial sea-level record of New Zealand (Aotearoa)
Deirdre D. Ryan, Alastair J. H. Clement, Nathan R. Jankowski, and Paolo Stocchi

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