The Climate 2k Journal Club online hangout (9 May 2013)

Online Google+ hangout hosted by Nature Geoscience

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Nature Publishing Group

In this video, PAGES 2k author Nick McKay, PAGES executive director Thorsten Kiefer, climate modeller Gavin Schmidt, and palaeoclimatologist Nerilie Abram join a discussion about our understanding of climate evolution over the past two millennia. This hangout was inspired by the PAGES 2k Consortium paper "Continential-scale Temperature Variability During the Past Two Millennia" which brought together and reanalysed over 400 records of past temperature variability, broken down to the scale of continents; the results of which were published in Nature Geoscience on 21 April 2013. Recorded on the 9 May, at 4PM BST. (Length: 1:04:32).

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