Taking Earth’s Temperature: Delving into Climate’s Past

Northern Arizona University’s IDEA Lab Productions

, 2014

A one-hour long documentary produced by filmmakers at Northern Arizona University’s IDEA Lab with contributions from many PAGES-affiliated scientists (including 2k Network leaders, SSC Members and staff).

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Using footage from both the field and labs in the US and Europe as well as numerous interviews and graphics, it showcases scientific discoveries in climate change research and demonstrates the value and relevance of researching past climates. The work of the PAGES 2k Network features prominently.

Involved scientists include Caspar Ammann, David M. Anderson, R. Scott Anderson, Jason P. Briner, Julia E. Cole, William J. D’Andrea, Hubertus Fischer, David Fortin, Martin Grosjean, Lucien von Gunten, Deborah N. Huntzinger, Darrell S. Kaufman, Thorsten Kiefer, Nicholas P. McKay, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner, Jonathan T. Overpeck, Krystyna Saunders, Thomas Stocker, Hanna Sundqvist, Valerie Trouet, Kristi Wallace, Heinz Wanner, James W.C. White, Benjamin Amann, Yarrow Axford, Melinda Bell, Elizabeth Ceperley, Shannon Katsos, Valerie Morris, Tobias Schneider, Hans Petter Sejrup, Heikki Seppä, Eugene Wahl.

Teachers can sign up to the "Taking Earth's Temperature" website to receive a DVD or get online streaming access to the one-hour paleoclimate film. You can also download an accompanying lesson plan on paleoclimate proxies.

Photo caption:  A Cold 'Good Morning' to You - Darrell Kaufman (PAGES 2k Network leader and SSC Member) stands by his tent, ready for another day of coring. Credit: Ryan Belnap

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