Presentations from the 1st NICOPP workshop: Sedimentary d15N

Meeting participants

, 2010

Presentations from the 1st workshop of PAGES' NICOPP working group entitled: Sedimentary d15N - surface sediment distribution and records of Quaternary variability, which took place at McGill University in Montreal, Canada from 14-16 May 2010.

Andreas Schmittner & Chris Somes
Modeling the global d15N distribution in the sea
> download (PDF 2.9MB)

Sergio Contreras Quintana
Nitrogen isotope signature of anammox

Evgeniya Ryabenko
Nitrogen isotope studies of the NE Atlantic and SE Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones

Nathalie Dubois
Eastern Equatorial Pacific nitrogen isotope records
> download (PDF 10.9MB)

Mark Altabet
How can we quantify past changes in water column denitrification from d15N records?
> download (PDF 6.5MB)

Philippe Martinez
Surface sediment d15N off Peru and Ecuador related to upwelling, productivity, nutrient utilization and oxygen

Ricardo De Pol-Holz
SE Pacific d15N records
> download (PDF 16.6MB)

Markus Kienast
The South China Sea records revisited
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Lex Van Geen
Does oxygen decline in the northeast Pacific since the mid-1980s exceed natural variability of the past 5000 years?

Tara Ivanochko
A 10,000 year record of decadal scale environmental change in the northeast Pacific: what can we learn from 15N?
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Masahito Shigemitsu
Interpretation of seasonal variations of the d15N of settling particulate nitrogen in the western subarctic Pacific
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Eric Galbraith
What drives the gradient of d15N between the subarctic Pacific and the E tropical Pacific?
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Ana Luiza Albuquerque
Brazil upwelling

Daniel Sigman
[no title]

Ralph Schneider
S-Atlantic synthesis
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Dan Sinclair
Coral d15N - overview of the technique
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Aya Schneider-Mor
Nutrient changes across the siliceous belt at the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during the past 660 ka

Rebecca Robinson
Comparisons of bulk, microfossil bound, and compound-specific N isotope measurements
> download (PDF 4.2MB)

Shuh-Ji Kao
Sequential pretreatments (extraction) for different forms of N in sediments for cores in the Okinawa Trough and MD142

Matt MacCarthy
d15N of amino acids in marine sediments
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