Reconstructions of biomass burning from sediment-charcoal records to improve data–model comparisons

Marlon JR, Kelly R, Daniau A-L, Vannière B, Power MJ, Bartlein P, Higuera P, Blarquez O, Brewer S, Brücher T, Feurdean A, Gil Romera G, Iglesias V, Maezumi SY, Magi B, Courtney Mustaphi CJ & Zhihai T

Biogeosciences, vol. 13(11), 3225-3244, 2016

This paper is a contribution to PAGES' Global Paleofire Working Group 2 (GPWG2). This research and paper was initiated during the GPWG workshop held in Franche-Comté, France, from 2-6 October 2013.

Category: Journal articles