Interhemispheric Climate Linkages

Eds: Markgraf V

, 2001Publisher:

Academic Press

Number of pages: 454

A product of the PAGES initiated PEP 1 (Americas transect) project, edited by a PAGES Guest Scientist.

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In this volume, scientists from the PAGES Pole-Equator-Pole 1 project (PEP 1 - Americas transect) present the results of recent efforts. 

This book brings together a wealth of present and past environmental and climate data from the Americas to provide a comprehensive analysis of interhemispheric linkages of climate, present and past, and their effects on human societies. The ultimate goal of this interhemispheric integration is to improve our understanding of causes and mechanisms of climate change in order to enhance our capability of predicting future changes.

The Pole-Equator-Pole projects (PEP) aim to facilitate the development of north- south research partnerships and foster a unified sense of purpose within the diverse international and interdisciplinary community addressing questions of past global change. 

PEP 1 - the Americas transect, represents an important building block in the global network, the inter-American paleoenvironmental research program is designed to address questions about the dynamics of transequatorial atmospheric linkages and to determine the hierarchy of climate control over the last glacial-interglacial transition. PEP 1 is also especially designed to link the marine and terrestrial records along the eastern Pacific coast and to understand the importance of the equatorial trans-Pacific and Amazonian basin in climatic linkages.


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