Books and book chapters emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings supported by PAGES.

Books emerging from PAGES activities.
Book chapters emerging from PAGES activities.
Name Author Journal Year Image
Climate, Debt and Conflict: Environmental History as a New Direction in Understanding Early Modern Ireland
Book chapters
Ludlow F & Crampsie A 2018
STEAM Approaches to Climate Change, Extreme Weather and Social-Political Conflict
Book chapters
Ludlow F & Travis C 2018
A Review of 2000 Years of Paleoclimatic Evidence in the Mediterranean
Book chapters
Luterbacher J, García-Herrera R, Akcer-On S, Allan R, Alvarez-Castro M-C, Benito G, Booth J, Büntgen... 2012
The prehistory of fire in Australia
Book chapters
Mooney SD, Harrison SP, Bartlein PJ & Stevenson J 2012
Global Change and the Earth System: A Planet Under Pressure
Steffen W, Sanderson RA, Tyson PD, Jäger J, Matson PA, Moore III B, Oldfield F, Richardson K, Schell... 2004
A Cold Welcome
White S 2017
Mapping Global Agricultural History: A Map and Gazetteer for Sub-Saharan Africa, c. 1800 AD
Book chapters
Widgren M
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