First human impacts and responses of aquatic systems: A review of palaeolimnological records from around the world

Dubois N, Saulner-Talbot E, Mills K, Gell P, Battarbee R, Bennion H, Chawchai S, Dong X, Francus P, Flower R, Gomes DF, Gregory-Eaves I, Humane S, Kattel G, Jenny JP, Langdon P, Massaferro J, McGowan S, Mikomägi A, Thi Minh Ngoc N, Sandaruwan Ratnayake A, Reid M, Rose N, Saros J, Schillereff D, Tolotti M & Valero-Garcés B

The Anthropocene Review, vol. 5(1), 28-68, 2017

This paper is a contribution to the PAGES' Aquatic Transitions working group.

Category: Journal articles