Challenges and research priorities to understand interactions between climate, ice sheets and global mean sea level during past interglacials

Capron E, Rovere A, Austermann J, Axford Y, Barlow NLM, Carlson AE, de Vernal A, Dutton A, Kopp RE, McManus JF, Menviel L, Otto-Bliesner BL, Robinson A, Shakun JD, Tzedakis PC & Wolff EW

Quaternary Science Reviews, 2019

This paper is an outcome of the joint workshop organized by the PAGES-INQUA PALSEA (PALeo constraints on SEA level rise) and the PAGES-PMIP QUIGS (QUaternary InterGlacialS) Working Groups in Galloway NJ, USA, from 27-30 September 2018.

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