Arctic Holocene proxy climate database – New approaches to assessing geochronological accuracy and encoding climate variables

Sundqvist HS, Kaufman DS, McKay NP, Balascio NL, Briner JP, Cwynar LC, Sejrup HP, Seppä H, Subetto DA, Andrews JT, Axford Y, Bakke J, Birks HJB, Brooks SJ, de Vernal A, Jennings AE, Ljungqvist FC, Rühland KM, Saenger C, Smol JP & Viau AE

Climate of the Past, vol. 10(4), 1605-1631, 2014

An extensive compilation of previously published Holocene proxy climate records from the Arctic. This database is the product of the PAGES-endorsed Arctic Holocene Transitions (AHT) project. The PAGES IPO hosted the project leader as a visiting scientist during the initial stages of the database compilation, and facilitated AHT project meetings.

Category: Journal articles