Urban point sources of nutrients were the leading cause for the historical spread of hypoxia across European lakes

Jenny J-P, Normandeau A, Francus P, Taranu ZE, Gregory-Eaves I, Lapointe F, Jautzy J, Ojala AEK, Dorioz J-M, Schimmelmann A & Zolitschka B

Eds: Cole JJ

PNAS, vol. 113(45), 12655-12660, 2016


This paper is a contribution to the PAGES-endorsed Varves Working Group, also a former working group of PAGES.

Read the Canadian INRS (Institut national de la recherche scientifique) press release for this paper here: http://www.inrs.ca/english/actualites/urbanization-historical-cause-low-oxygen-conditions-european-lakes

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