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Journal articles emerging from PAGES working groups, projects, or meetings. Only articles acknowledging PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

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Integrative Assessment of Mitigation, Impacts, and Adaptation to Climate Change
Journal articles
International System for Applied System Analysis 1994
Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents
Journal articles
Abram NJ, McGregor HV, Tierney JE, Evans MN, McKay NP, Kaufman DS & the PAGES 2k Consortium... Nature 2016
The sedimentary and remote-sensing reflection of biomass burning in Europe
Journal articles
Adolf C, Wunderle S, Colombaroli D, Weber H, Gobet E, Heiri O, van Leeuwen JFN, Bigler C, Connor SE,... Global Ecology and Biogeography 2018
Paleodust variability since the Last Glacial Maximum and implications for iron inputs to the ocean
Journal articles
Albani S, Mahowald NM, Murphy LN, Raiswell R, Moore JK, Anderson RF, McGee D, Bradtmiller LI, Delmon... Geophysical Research Letters 2016
Twelve thousand years of dust: the Holocene global dust cycle constrained by natural archives
Journal articles
Albani S, Mahowald NM, Winckler G, Anderson RF, Bradtmiller LI, Delmonte B, Francois R, Goman M, Hea... Climate of the Past 2015
Sparking New Opportunities for Charcoal-Based Fire History Reconstructions
Journal articles
Aleman JC, Hennebelle A, Vannière B, Blarquez O & the Global Paleofire Working Group... Fire 2018
Holocene Climate Instability and Human Societies
Journal articles
Alverson K ProClim- Flash 2002
What is PAGES and how can a GSA-Quaternary member get involved?
Journal articles
Alverson K & Brigham-Grette J Geological Society of America Newsletter 2003
Journal articles
Alverson K & Kull C 2009
Global Change and Resource Sustainability: Some Fishy Thoughts
Journal articles
Alverson K, Sonnerup R, Moore G & Holdsworth G Global Change 2003
The Timing of Sea-Level High-Stands During Marine Isotope Stages 7.5 and 9: Constraints from the Uranium-Series Dating of Fossil Corals from Henderson Island
Journal articles
Andersen MB, Stirling CH, Potter E-K, Halliday AN, Blake SG, McCulloch MT, Ayling BF & O'Leary MJ... Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 2010
Constraints on Antarctic Ice Sheet configuration during and following the last glacial maximum and its episodic contribution to sea-level rise
Journal articles
Anderson JB, Kirshner AE & Simms AR Geological Society, London, Special Publications 2013
Variable response of coastal environments of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico to sea-level rise and climate change: Implications for future change
Journal articles
Anderson JB, Wallace DJ, Simms AR, Rodriguez AB & Milliken KT... Marine Geology 2014
Exceptional 20th century glaciological regime of a major SE Greenland outlet glacier
Journal articles
Andresen CS, Kokfelt U, Sicre M-A, Faurschou Knudsen M, Dyke LM, Klein V, Kaczmar F, Miles MW & Wang... Scientific Reports 2017
Impact of solar versus volcanic activity variations on tropospheric temperatures and precipitation during the Dalton Minimum
Journal articles
Anet JG, Muthers S, Rozanov EV, Raible CC, Stenke A, Shapiro AI, Brönnimann S, Arfeuille F, Brugnara... Climate of the Past 2014
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