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Journal articles emerging from PAGES working groups, projects, or meetings. Only articles acknowledging PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

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Preface: Climates of Past Interglacials - a PAGES Perspective
Journal articles
Kiefer T & Kull C 2007
Journal articles
Alverson K & Kull C 2009
PAGES synthesis study on climate changes in Asia over the last 2000 years: Progresses and perspectives (in Chinese)
Journal articles
Ge Q, Zheng J & Hao Z ACTA Geographica Sinica 2015
Palaeo-Perspectives: Reducing Uncertainties in Global Change?
Journal articles
Lorius C & Oeschger H Ambio 1994
Modeling sea-level change using errors-in-variables integrated gaussian processes
Journal articles
Cahill N, Kemp AC, Horton BP & Parnell AC Annals of Applied Statistics 2015
Perspectives of regional paleoclimate modeling
Journal articles
Ludwig P, Gómez‐Navarro JJ, Pinto JG, Raible CC, Wagner S & Zorita E... Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2018
On the extraordinary winter flood episode over the North Atlantic Basin in 1936
Journal articles
Ballesteros-Cánovas JA, Stoffel M, Benito G, Rohrer M, Barriopedro D, García-Herrera R, Beniston M &... Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2018
Mapping Sea-Level Change in Time, Space, and Probability
Journal articles
Horton BP, Kopp RE, Garner AJ, Hay CC, Khan NS, Roy K & Shaw TA... Annual Review of Environment and Resources 2018
Human subsistence and land use in sub-Saharan Africa, 1000 BC to AD 1500: A review, quantification, and classification
Journal articles
Kay AU & Kaplan JO Anthropocene 2015
Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenges and Opportunities
Journal articles
Cassou C, Kushnir Y, Hawkins E, Pirani A, Kucharski F, Kang I & Caltabiano N... BAMS 2018
Nitrogen Isotopes in Bulk Marine Sediment: Linking Seafloor Observations With Subseafloor Records
Journal articles
Tesdal JE, Galbraith ED & Kienast M Biogeosciences 2013
Reconstructions of biomass burning from sediment-charcoal records to improve data–model comparisons
Journal articles
Marlon JR, Kelly R, Daniau A-L, Vannière B, Power MJ, Bartlein P, Higuera P, Blarquez O, Brewer S, B... Biogeosciences 2016
Climate-related changes in peatland carbon accumulation during the last millennium
Journal articles
Charman DJ, Beilman SW, Blaauw M, Booth RK, Brewer S et al.... Biogeosciences 2013
Tree biomass reconstruction shows no lag in post-glacial afforestation of eastern Canada
Journal articles
Blarquez O & Aleman JC Canadian Journal of Forest Research 2016
Multiproxy Summer and Winter Surface Air Temperature Field Reconstructions for Southern South America Covering the Past Centuries
Journal articles
Neukom R, Luterbacher J, Villalba R, Küttel M, Frank D, Jones PD, Grosjean M, Wanner H, Aravena J-C,... Climate Dynamics 2010
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