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Short-Term Climate Changes During the Last Glacial–Holocene Transition: Comparison Between Mediterranean Records and the GRIP Event Stratigraphy
Journal articles
Asioli A, Trincardi F, Lowe JJ & Oldfield F Journal of Quaternary Science 1999
The SISAL database: a global resource to document oxygen and carbon isotope records from speleothems
Journal articles
Atsawawaranunt K, Comas-Bru L, Amirnezhad Mozhdehi S, Deininger M, Harrison SP, Baker A, Boyd M, Kau... Earth System Science Data 2018
Detection of a dynamic topography signal in last interglacial sea-level records
Journal articles
Science Advances 2017
Global analysis reveals climatic controls on the oxygen isotope composition of cave drip water
Journal articles
Baker A, Hartmann A, Duan W, Hankin S, Comas-Bru L, Cuthbert MO, Treble PC, Banner J, Genty D, Baldi... Nature Communications 2019
The properties of annually laminated stalagmites ‐ a global synthesis
Journal articles
Baker A, Mariethoz G, Comas-Bru L, Hartmann A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Treble PC & Asrat A... Reviews of Geophysics 2021
Temperature trends during the Present and Last Interglacial periods – a multi-model-data comparison
Journal articles
Bakker P, Masson-Delmotte V, Martrat B, Charbit S, Renssen H, Gröger M, Krebs-Kanzow U, Lung DJ, Pfe... Quaternary Science Reviews 2014
The importance of robust baseline data on past flood events for regional risk assessment: a study case from the Indian Himalayas
Journal articles
Ballesteros-Cánovas JA, Allen S & Stoffel M Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR 2019)... 2019
On the extraordinary winter flood episode over the North Atlantic Basin in 1936
Journal articles
Ballesteros-Cánovas JA, Stoffel M, Benito G, Rohrer M, Barriopedro D, García-Herrera R, Beniston M &... Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 2018
Salt-marsh reconstructions of relative sea-level change in the North Atlantic during the last 2000 years
Journal articles
Barlow NL, Long AJ, Saher MH, Gehrels WR, Garnett MH & Scaife RG... Quaternary Science Reviews 2014
Testing models of ice cap extent, South Georgia, sub-Antarctic
Journal articles
Barlow NLM, Bentley MJ, Spada G, Evans DJA, Hansom JD, Brader MD, White DA, Zander A & Berg S... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Relative sea-level variability during the late Middle Pleistocene: New evidence from eastern England
Journal articles
Barlow NLM, Long AJ, Gehrels WR, Saher MH, Scaife RG, Davies HJ, Penkman KEH, Bridgland DR, Sparkes ... Quaternary Science Reviews 2017
Lack of evidence for a substantial sea-level fluctuation within the Last Interglacial
Journal articles
Barlow NLM, McClymont EL, Whitehouse PL, Stokes CR, Jamieson SSR, Woodroffe SA, Bentley MJ, Callard ... Nature Geoscience 2018
Salt marshes as late Holocene tide gauges
Journal articles
Barlow NLM, Shennan I, Long AJ, Gehrels WR, Saher MH, Woodroffe SA & Hiller C... Global and Planetary Change 2013
Nonlinear landscape and cultural response to sea-level rise
Journal articles
Barnett RL, Charman DJ, Johns C, Ward SL, Bevan A, Bradley SL, Camidge K, Fyfe RM, Gehrels WR, Gehre... Science Advances 2020
Diatom-Inferred Salinity Records From the Arctic Siberian Margin: Implications for Fluvial Runoff Patterns During the Holocene
Journal articles
Bauch HA & Polyakova YI Paleoceanography 2003
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