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Impact of climate change on New York City’s coastal flood hazard: Increasing flood heights from the preindustrial to 2300 CE
Journal articles
Garner AJ, Mann ME, Emanuel KA, Kopp RE, Lin N, Alley RB, Horton BP, DeConto RM, Donnelly JP & Polla... PNAS 2017
Early onset of industrial-era warming across the oceans and continents
Journal articles
Abram NJ, McGregor HV, Tierney JE, Evans MN, McKay NP, Kaufman DS & the PAGES 2k Consortium... Nature 2016
The Mid-Pleistocene enigma
Journal articles
Ford HL & Chalk TB Oceanography 2020
Variability in the northern North Atlantic and Arctic oceans across the last two millennia: A review
Journal articles
Moffa‐Sánchez P, Moreno‐Chamarro E, Reynolds DJ, Ortega P, Cunningham L, Swingedouw D, Amrhein DE, H... Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 2019
Gauging Quaternary Sea Level Changes Through Scientific Ocean Drilling
Journal articles
Yokoyama Y, Purcell A & Ishiwa T Oceanography 2019
A simple rule to determine which insolation cycles lead to interglacials
Journal articles
Tzedakis PC, Crucifix M, Mitsui T & Wolff EW Nature 2017
Mechanisms of millennial-scale atmospheric CO2 change in numerical model simulations
Journal articles
Gottschalk J, Battaglia G, Fischer H, Frölicher TL, Jaccard SL, Jeltsch-Thömmes A, Joos F, Köhler P,... Quaternary Science Reviews 2019
An inter-laboratory investigation of the Arctic sea ice biomarker proxy IP25 in marine sediments: key outcomes and recommendations
Journal articles
Belt ST, Brown TA, Ampel L, Cabedo-Sanz P, Fahl K, Kocis JJ, Masse G, Navarro-Rodriguez A, Ruan J & ... Climate of the Past 2014
Impact of solar versus volcanic activity variations on tropospheric temperatures and precipitation during the Dalton Minimum
Journal articles
Anet JG, Muthers S, Rozanov EV, Raible CC, Stenke A, Shapiro AI, Brönnimann S, Arfeuille F, Brugnara... Climate of the Past 2014
Comparing modelled fire dynamics with charcoal records for the Holocene
Journal articles
Brücher T, Brovkin V, Kloster S, Marlon JR & Power MJ... Climate of the Past 2014
Reconciling reconstructed and simulated features of the winter Pacific/North American pattern in the early 19th century
Journal articles
Zanchettin D, Bothe O, Lehner F, Ortega P, Raible CC & Swingedouw D... Climate of the Past 2015
The global monsoon across timescales: coherent variability of regional monsoons
Journal articles
Wang PX, Wang B, Cheng H, Fasullo J, Guo ZT, Kiefer T & Liu ZY... Climate of the Past 2014
Arctic Holocene proxy climate database – New approaches to assessing geochronological accuracy and encoding climate variables
Journal articles
Sundqvist HS, Kaufman DS, McKay NP, Balascio NL, Briner JP, Cwynar LC, Sejrup HP, Seppä H, Subetto D... Climate of the Past 2014
Implication of methodological uncertainties for mid-Holocene sea surface temperature reconstructions
Journal articles
Hessler I, Harrison SP, Kucera M, Waelbroeck C, Chen M-T, Anderson C, de Vernal A, Fréchette B, Clok... Climate of the Past 2014
Mid-latitude net precipitation decreased with Arctic warming during the Holocene
Journal articles
Routson CC, McKay NP, Kaufman DS, Erb MP, Goosse H, Shuman BN, Rodysill JR & Ault T... Nature 2019
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