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Calibration of the carbon isotope composition (δ13C) of benthic foraminifera
Journal articles
Schmittner A et al. Paleoceanography 2017
Microfossil measures of rapid sea-level rise: Timing of response of two microfossil groups to a sudden tidal-flooding experiment in Cascadia
Journal articles
Horton BP, Milker Y, Dura T, Wang K, Bridgeland WT, Brophy L, Ewald M, Khan NS, Engelhart SE, Nelson... Geology 2017
European and Mediterranean hydroclimate responses to tropical volcanic forcing over the last millennium
Journal articles
Rao MP, Cook BI, Cook ER, D’Arrigo RD, Krusic PJ, Anchukaitis KJ, LeGrande AN, Buckley BM, Davi NK, ... Geophysical Research Letters 2017
Data reporting standards for publication of U-series data for geochronology and timescale assessment in the earth sciences
Journal articles
Dutton A, Rubin K, McLean N, Bowring J, Bard E, Edwards RL, Henderson GM, Reid MR, Richards DA, Sims... Quaternary Geochronology 2017
Implications of ice-shelf hydrofracturing and ice-cliff collapse mechanisms for sea-level projections
Journal articles
Kopp RE, Deconto RM, Bader DA, Hay CC, Horton RM, Kulp S, Oppenheimer M, Pollard D & Strauss BH... PNAS 2017
Regional and global sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation
Journal articles
Hoffman JS, Clark PU, Parnell AC & He F Science 2017
Multiproxy assessment of Holocene relative sea-level changes in the western Mediterranean: sea-level variability and improvements in the definition of the isostatic signal
Journal articles
Vacchi M, Marriner N, Morhange C, Spada G, Fontana A & Rovere A... Earth-Science Reviews 2016
Sea-level changes in Iceland and the influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation during the last half millennium
Journal articles
Saher MH, Gehrels WR, Barlow NLM, Long AJ, Haigh ID & Blaauw M... Quaternary Science Reviews 2015
Sea-level change and subsidence in the Delaware estuary in the last ∼ 2200 years
Journal articles
Nikitina D, Kemp AC, Engelhart SE, Horton BP, Hill DF & Kopp RE... Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 2015
Early–middle Holocene relative sea-level oscillation events recorded in a submerged speleothem from the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
Journal articles
Moseley GE, Richards DA, Smart PL, Standish CD, Hoffmann DL, ten Hove H & Vinn O... The Holocene 2015
Reconciling past and present changes in Earth rotation with 20th century global sea-level rise: Resolving Munk’s enigma
Journal articles
Mitrovica J X, Hay CC, Morrow ED, Kopp RE, Dumberry M & Stanley S... Science Advances 2015
The contribution of glacial isostatic adjustment to projections of sea-level change along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America
Journal articles
Love R, Milne GA, Tarasov L, Engelhart SE, Hijma MP, Latychev K, Horton BP & Törnqvist TE... Earth's Future 2016
Hurricane Sandy’s flood frequency increasing from year 1800 to 2100
Journal articles
Lin N, Horton BP, Kopp RE & Donnelly JP PNAS 2016
Relative sea-level data from southwest Scotland constrain meltwater-driven sea-level jumps prior to the 8.2 kyr BP event
Journal articles
Lawrence T, Long AJ, Gehrels WR, Jackson L & Smith DE... Quaternary Science Reviews 2016
Past and future sea-level rise along the coast of North Carolina, United States
Journal articles
Kopp RE, Horton BP, Kemp AC & Tebaldi C Climatic Change 2015
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