11 (2,3): HOLIVAR: Holocene Research

Eds: Ojala A, Kull C & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 11(2 & 3), 1-36, 2003


The papers presented in the science highlights section of this PAGES Newsletter are based on the extended abstracts volumes and the many fruitful discussions that took place during the first and second ESF-HOLIVAR workshops “Combining climate proxies” and “Investigating Holocene climate variability using data-model comparisons” held at Lammi Biological Station, Finland in April 2002 (http://www.gsf.fi/esf_holivar/) and Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium in June 2002 (http://www.cru.uea.ac.uk/~timo/holivar/), respectively.

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> HOLIVAR [p.2]
A. Ojala, M. Saarnisto and R. Battarbee

Science Highlights

> Developments in Age-Depth Modelling of Holocene Stratigraphical Sequences [p.7-8]
H.J.B. Birks and E. Heegaard

> Instrumental Climate Data [p.9-10]
R. Böhm

> Climate and Environmental Reconstructions from Scandinavian Varved Lake Sediments [p.10-12]
A.E.K. Ojala, M. Saarnisto and I.F. Snowball

> 14C as an Indicator of Solar Variability [p.12-14]
T. Goslar

> Reconstruction of Low- and High-Frequency Summer Temperature Changes From a Tree-Ring Archive of Fennoscandian Forest-Limit Scots Pine [p.14-15]
M. Eronen, M. Lindholm, S. Helama, J. Meriläinen and M. Timonen

> Climate Reconstruction From Peatlands [p.15-17]
D. Charman and M. Mäkilä

> Climate Forcing During the Holocene [p.18-19]
R.S. Bradley

> Tephra, a Powerful Tool for Precision Dating and Correlation [p.19-21]
J.R. Pilcher, R. Bradley, L. Anderson and P. Francus

> Simulating the Climate of the Last Millennium [p.21-23]
M. Widmann and S.F.B. Tett

> Changing Perspectives for Changing Times [p.35]
F. Oldfield

Open Science Highlights

> Late Holocene Paleoclimate and Paleogeography in the Tien Shan- Balkhash Region [p.24-26]
B.J. Aubekerov, R. Sala and S.A. Nigmatova

> Holocene Ocean-Climate Variations in the Gulf of California, Mexico [p.26-28]
R. Douglas, O. Gonzalez-Yajimovich, D. Gorsline, F. Staines-Urias and J.F. Arreola-Hernandez

> Climate and the Maya [p.28-30]
G. H. Haug, D. Günther, L. C. Peterson, D. M. Sigman, K. A. Hughen and B. Aeschlimann

Program News

> HOLIVAR (Holocene Climate Variability) [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> Climate Modeling [p.31-32]
> Investigating Holocene Climate Variability: Data-Model Comparisons [p.32-33]
> Environmental Magnetism [p.34]


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