10 (3): Documentary Evidence

Eds: Pfister C, Kull C & Wanner H

PAGES news, vol. 10(3), 1-28, 2002


Worldwide, many thousand volumes with daily observations exist, but have not yet been analyzed for their climatic information. Many scientists are of the opinion that observations made before the instrumental period are “subjective” and less reliable than natural proxies. But these data were collected by very experienced scientists and observers. Once calibrated and verified in the present, the data are precise and have a spatiotemporal resolution unmatched by any other climate proxy data.

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> Documentary Evidence [p.2]
C. Pfister and H. Wanner

Science Highlights

> Reconstructing Past Climate and Natural Disasters in Europe Using Documentary Evidence [p.6-8]
C. Pfister, R. Brázdil and M. Barriendos

> The LOTRED Approach - A First Step Towards a “Paleoreanalysis” for Europe [p.9-11]
H. Wanner and J. Luterbacher

> The Potential of Archival Sources for Reconstructing Climate and Climate-Related Processes in Latin America [p.11-14]
S.E. Metcalfe, M.del R. Prieto, G.H. Endfield, S.J. Davies and S.L. O’Hara

> ENSO Reconstruction Based on Documentary Data From Ecuador, Peru and Chile [p.14-17]
L. Ortlieb, G. Vargas and A.-M. Hocquenghem

> Summer and Winter Temperature Reconstructions in Japan [p.17-18]
T. Mikami

> 2000 Years of Temperature History in China [p.18-19]
Q. Ge, J. Zheng and X. Zhang

> Documentary Records of Past Climate and Tropical Cyclones from the Southeastern United States [p.20-21]
C.J. Mock

> Floods in Europe – A Look into the Past [p.21-23]
R. Brázdil, R. Glaser, C. Pfister and H. Stangl

> Reconstructions of Minimum Glacier Extensions in the Swiss Alps [p.23-25]
H. Holzhauser and H.J. Zumbühl

Program News

> LAMSCAN: Detecting rapid environmental changes through studies of annually laminated lake sediments in northern Scandinavia: linkages to the North Atlantic Ocean [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> Environmental Catastrophes and Recoveries in the Holocene [p.26]
> Swiss NCCR Summer School [p.27]

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