Lower Grindelwald Glacier (Swiss Alps) 1858 / 1998

Zumbühl H

, 2003

This photo pair shows the dramatic retreat of the Lower Grindelwald Glacier (Bernese Oberland, Swiss Alps) between its Little Ice Age Maximum position in 1858 (F. Martens) and its position in 1998 (H. Zumbühl). Appeared in 1998 H. Holzhauser and H.J. Zumbühl, Holocene Glacial Fluctuations. In: Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland, Plate 3.8 © Swiss National Hydrological and Geological Survey, Bern, 1999. All Rights Reserved.

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1998 photo: H. Zumbühl

1858 photo: Martens, F. (1806-1885): photo, 31.9cm x 25.2cm, London Alpine Club Library, 1858

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