10 (2): Stable Isotopes

Eds: Edwards T, Kull C & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 10(2), 1-24, 2002


This stable isotopes issue of PAGES News highlights the work of those engaged in research falling under the theme of ISOMAP, a PAGES initiative dedicated to continental isotope paleoclimatology, and especially to the mapping and modelling of water isotope data from paleoprecipitation.

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> Stable Isotopes / Swiss Sojourn [p.2]
T. Edwards

Science Highlights

> Extending Isotope in Precipitation Data Beyond Direct Measurements: The Perspective From Glacier Ice-Core Measurements in Switzerland [p.6-7]
U. Schotterer and W. Stichler

> Holocene Variability in the Indian Ocean Monsoon: A Stalagmite- Based, High-Resolution Oxygen Isotope Record from Southern Oman [p.7-8]
D. Fleitmann, S.J. Burns, M. Mudelsee, U. Neff, J. Kramers, A. Mangini and A. Matter

> Isotopic Records of Past Hydroclimatic Change in the Red River Basin, Southern Manitoba, Canada [p.9-10]
W.M. Buhay, D. Blair, E. Nielsen, S. St. George and G. Brooks

> A New Conceptual Model for Predicting Isotopic Enrichment of Lakes in Seasonal Climates [p.10-11]
J.J. Gibson

> Modelling the Water Isotope Signal in the Quaternary [p.12-13]
G. Hoffmann

> Towards a Regional Synthesis of Mediterranean Climatic Change Using Lake Stable Isotope Records [p.13-15]
N. Roberts and M. Jones

> Past and Present Ecohydrology of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Northern Alberta, Canada: Water Isotope Tracers Lead the Way [p.16-17]
B.B. Wolfe, T.W.D. Edwards and R.I. Hall

> Lacustrine Oxygen Isotopic Records from Temperate Marl Lakes [p.17-19]
R.T. Jones and J.D. Marshall

Program News

> Norwegian Ocean Climate Project (NOClim) [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> Fire-Climate Linkages in the Mid-Latitude Americas [p.20]
> Linking the Continental Environmental Quaternary History of Southern Africa with Ocean Currents and Antarctica [p.21]
> PAGES Data Board Meeting [p.22]
> PAGES Meeting on High Latitude Paleoenvironments [p.22-23]

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