10 (1): Dendrochronology

Eds: Larocque I, Kull C & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 10(1), 1-24, 2002


This issues of PAGES news features a range of articles on dendrochronology: Tree Ring Variations in the Himalayas, Fire and Climate in the Western Americas, Treeline Dendroclimatology in the North American Tropics, South American Dendrochronolgy, Post Fire Dynamics in Switzerland, Bristlecone Pines of Methuselah Walk, Fire Frequency in the Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests and Recent Fennoscandian Pine Records.

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> Dendrochronology [p.2]
K. Alverson

Science Highlights

> Tree-Ring Variations over the Western Himalaya: Little Evidence of the Little Ice Age? [p.5-6] 
H.P. Borgaonkar, R.K. Kolli and G.B. Pant

> Fire and Climate History in the Western Americas From Tree Rings [p.6-8]
T.W. Swetnam

> Treeline Dendroclimatology in the North American Tropics [p.9-10]
F. Biondi

> Progress in South American Dendrochronology [p.11-13]
J.A. Boninsegna

> Post-fire Vegetation Dynamics in Southern Switzerland [p.13-15]
M. Conedera and W. Tinner

> The Ancient Bristlecone Pines of Methuselah Walk, California, as a Natural Archive of Past Environment [p.16-17]
M.K. Hughes, G. Funkhouser and F. Ni

> Change in Fire Frequency During the Last 300 Years in the Eastern Canadian Boreal Forests [p.18-19]
D. Lesieur, Y. Bergeron, S. Gauthier, V. Kafka and P. Lefort

> Recent Fennoscandian Pine Records of Temperature, Precipitation and the North Atlantic Oscillation [p.20]
M. Lindholm, M. Eronen and S. Helama

Program News

> Analysis of Marine Sediments for Paleoenvironmental Studies [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> Extreme Climatic Events in South America: Tropical-Extratropical Links [p.21]
> Achieving Climate Predictability using Paleoclimate Data: Euroconference on Abrupt Climate Change Dynamics [p.22-23]
> Tree-rings and People - A "Pointer Year" for the Tree-ring Community? [p.23]

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