Pluridisciplinary analysis and multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods

Eds: Schulte L, Schillereff D, Santisteban J & Marret-Davies F

Global and Planetary Change, 2020

This Special Issue, which comprises 18 peer-reviewed papers, is the outcome of the Floods Working Group (FWG) session entitled “Multidisciplinary reconstruction of paleofloods” held at the PAGES OSM Conference (Past Climate Changes – Open Sciensce Meeting) from 9-13 May 2017 in Zaragoza, Spain.

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> Pluridisciplinary analysis and multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods
Lothar Schulte, Daniel Schillereff, Juan I. Santisteban and Fabienne Marret-Davies

Research articles

> Pluridisciplinary analysis and multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods: Societal demand, challenges and progress
Lothar Schulte, Daniel Schillereff and Juan I. Santisteban

> Integration of multi-archive datasets for the development of a four-dimensional paleoflood model of alpine catchments
Lothar Schulte, Oliver Wetter, Bruno Wilhelm, Juan Carlos Peña, Benjamin Amann, Stefanie B.Wirth, Filipe Carvalho and Antonio Gómez-Bolea

> Geomorphic control on regional glacier lake outburst flood and debris flow activity over northern Tien Shan
V. Zaginaev, D. Petrakov, S. Erokhin, A. Meleshko, M. Stoffel, J.A. Ballesteros-Cánovas

> Extreme ENSO-driven torrential rainfalls at the southern edge of the Atacama Desert during the Late Holocene and their projection into the 21th century
Cristina Ortega, Gabriel Vargas, Maisa Rojas, José A. Rutllant, Práxedes Muñoz, Carina B.Lange, Silvio Pantoja, Laurent Dezileau and Luc Ortlieb

> Holocene land cover change in south-western Amazonia inferred from paleoflood archives
Umberto Lombardo, Javier Ruiz-Pérez, Leonor Rodrigues, Adrien Mestrot, Francis Mayle, Marco Madella, Sönke Szidat and Heinz Veit

> Pleistocene fluvial catastrophes in now arid NW areas of Mongolian Inland drainage basin
A.R. Agatova and R.K. Nepop

> Holocene floods in a complex fluvial wetland in central Spain: Environmental variability, climate and time
Juan I. Santisteban, Rosa Mediavilla, Luis Galán de Frutos and Ignacio López Cilla

> A 2000 year record of palaeofloods in a volcanically-reset catchment: Whanganui River, New Zealand
Ian C. Fuller, Mark G. Macklin, Willem H.J. Toonen, Jonathan Turner and Kevin Norton

> Reliability check of flash-flood in Central Bohemia on May 25, 1872
Libor Elleder, Jakub Krejčí, Stanislav Racko, Jan Daňhelka, Jolana Šírová and Ladislav Kašpárek

> A 500-year flood history of the arid environments of southeastern Spain. The case of the Almanzora River
Carlos Sánchez-García, Lothar Schulte, Filipe Carvalho and Juan Carlos Peña

> Climatic and social factors behind the Spanish Mediterranean flood event chronologies from documentary sources (14th–20th centuries)
Mariano Barriendos, Salvador Gil-Guirado, David Pino, Jordi Tuset, Alfredo Pérez-Morales, Armando Alberola, Joan Costa, Josep Carles Balasch, Xavier Castelltort, Jordi Mazón and Josep Lluis Ruiz-Bellet

> Synchronous droughts and floods in the Southern Chinese Loess Plateau since 1646 CE in phase with decadal solar activities
Xuefeng Yu, Yi Wang, Shiyong Yu and Zhihai Kang

> Flood hazard assessment of the Rhône River revisited with reconstructed discharges from lake sediments
Guillaume Evin, Bruno Wilhelm and Jean-Philippe Jenny

> A millennium-long perspective of flood-related seasonal sediment yield in Mediterranean watersheds
J.P. Corella, G. Benito, B. Wilhelm, E. Montoya, V. Rull, T. Vegas-Vilarrúbia and B.L. Valero-Garcés

> Holocene-long record of flood frequency in the Southern Alps (Lake Iseo, Italy) under human and climate forcing
William Rapuc, Pierre Sabatier, Fabien Arnaud, Antoine Palumbo, Anne-Lise Develle, Jean-Louis Reyss, Laurent Augustin, Edouard Régnier, Andrea Piccin, Emmanuel Chapron, Jean-Pascal Dumoulin and Ulrich von Grafenstein

> Convergent human and climate forcing of late-Holocene flooding in Northwest England
D.N. Schillereff, R.C. Chiverrell, N. Macdonald, J.M. Hooke, K.E. Welsh, G.Piliposian and I.W. Croudace

> Flood occurrence change-point analysis in the paleoflood record from Lake Mondsee (NE Alps)
Hansjörg Albrecher, Martin Bladt, Dominik Kortschak, Franz Prettenthaler and Tina Swierczynski

> Simulated and reconstructed atmospheric variability and their relation with large Pre-industrial summer floods in the Hasli-Aare catchment (Swiss Alps) since 1300 CE
J.C. Peña and L. Schulte

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