19th century glacier representations and fluctuations in the central and western European Alps: An interdisciplinary approach

Zumbühl HJ, Steiner D & Nussbaumer SU

Eds: Kull C, Solomina O, Haeberli W & Wiles G

Global and Planetary Change, vol. 60(1-2), 42-57, 2008


This is an article in the special issue "Historical and Holocene glacier - climate variations", which provides an overview of research activities concerning past to recent changes in the timing of glacier changes and their linkages to climate. The contributions are based on presentations from two glacier–climate–cryosphere sessions co-organized by the EU-funded GLOCHAMORE project (Global Change in Mountain Regions), PAGES, and the WGMS (World Glacier Monitoring Service) at the Open Science Conference on “Global Change in Mountain Regions” organized by the MRI (Mountain Research Initiative) and held from 2-6 October 2005 in Perth, Scotland, UK.

Category: Special issue articles