12 (1): Paleoclimate Research

Eds: Kull K, Christen L & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 12(1), 1-24, 2004


The Science Highlights section of this issue of PAGES news contains the following articles: Indian rainfall variation as reconstructed from a speleothem, The use of diatom oxygen isotopes in lake sediments, Reconstructing mass balance and climate from a Cerro Tapado ice core (Chile), The Southern Ocean as the flywheel of the oceanic conveyor belt circulation, Sharp cooling of the Northern Hemisphere in the Early Subatlantic Age, The behavior of modern low-latitude glaciers, Early anthropogenic overprints on Holocene climate, and GLOBEC investigation on variability in marine fish populations.

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> The Future of PAGES - Setting New Directions [p.2]
J. Brigham-Grette

Science Highlights

> Rainfall Variation of Peninsular India Reconstructed From a 331- Year-Old Speleothem [p.5-6]
M.G. Yadava and R.R. Ramesh

> The Potential of Oxygen Isotopes in Diatoms as a Paleoclimate Indicator in Lake Sediments [p.6-8]
A.L. Lamb, M.J. Leng, P.A. Barker and D.W. Morley

> Reconstructing Past Mass Balance and Climate Conditions from a Cerro Tapado Ice Core (Central Andes, Chile) [p.9-11]
C. Kull and P. Ginot

> The Southern Ocean as the Flywheel of the Oceanic Conveyor Belt Circulation [p.11-13]
G. Knorr and G. Lohmann

> Sharp Cooling of the Northern Hemisphere in the Early Subatlantic Age (650 - 280 BC) [p.13-15]
V.V. Klimenko

> The Behavior of Modern Low-Latitude Glaciers [p.15-17]
G. Kaser, C. Georges, I. Juen, T. Mölg, P. Wagnon and B. Francou

> Early Anthropogenic Overprints on Holocene Climate [p.18-19]
W.F. Ruddiman

> GLOBEC Investigation of Interdecadal to Multi-Centennial Variability in Marine Fish Populations [p.19-21]
T. Baumgartner, U. Struck and J. Alheit

Workshop Reports

> Climate Change: Impacts on Terrestrial Ecosystems [p.22]
> Topics in Biogeochemistry, Paleoceanography and Paleoclimate [p.23]

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