13 (2): Chinese Paleoscience

Eds: Wang P, Chai Y, Guo Z & Kull C

PAGES news, vol. 13(2), 1-28, 2005


This issue of PAGES news was released to coincide with PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting: “Paleoclimate, Environmental Sustainability and Our Future” held in Beijing from the 10-12 August 2005. The articles reveal how paleo-studies in China have progressed, how Chinese scientists have strived and contributed and worked with the international community.

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> PAGES in China [p.2]
L. Tungsheng

Science Highlights

> Holocene Climatic Variability Inferred from Lacustrine Deposits in Arid China [p.7-9]
F.-H. Chen, B. Cheng, C.-B. An, Y. Zhao, J.-W. Zhang, D. B. Madsen, Z. Yu and Y. Zhu

> Grain-size Record of Stepwise Expansion of the Mu Us Desert for the Past 3.5 Ma [p.9-11]
Z. Ding and S. Yang

> Human-induced Changes of Organic Carbon Storage in Soils of China [p.11-12]
Z. Guo, H. Wu and C. Peng

> Long-term Cycles in the Ocean Carbon Reservoir: Records From the South China Sea [p.13-14]
P. Wang, J. Tian and X. Cheng

> A 1437-year Precipitation History From Qilian Juniper in the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau [p.14-15]
X. Shao, E. Liang, L. Huang and L. Wang

> Preliminary Calibration of Stalagmite Oxygen Isotopes from Eastern Monsoon China with Northern Hemisphere Temperatures [p.16-17]
M. Tan and B. Cai

> 2,000-year Methane Record in a High Altitude Himalayan Ice Core [p.18-20]
Y. Tandong, X. Baiqing, J. Chappellaz and L. Thompson

> Recent Progress and Further Potential: High-resolution Holocene Climate Reconstruction with Coral Reefs in the South China Sea [p.20-22]
K.-F. Yu and J.-X. Zhao

> Sorting Chinese Climate Records from the 13th Century BC to 1911 AD and their Latest Applications [p.22-23]
D. Zhang

Open Science Highlights

> What Drives the Climate: Man or Nature? [p.24-25]
P. Tarasov, V. Brovkin and M. Wagner

Program News

> INTIMATE: Integration of Ice core, Marine and Terrestrial Records of the Last Termination in the North Atlantic Region and Elsewhere [p.4]
> Regional Multiproxy Climate Reconstruction for Southern South America: A new Research Initiative [p.5]

Workshop Reports

> Holocene Environmental Catastrophes in South America: From the Lowlands to the Andes [p.26-27]
> Sub-aerially Exposed Continental Shelves Since the Middle Pleistocene Climatic Transition [p.27]

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