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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working group or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
VI International Symposium and Field Workshop on Paleopedology
A “Paleo” Perspective on Open Science
Blog Articles
Zander P University of Bern Library Open Science Blog 2020
26 (2): Building and Harnessing Open Paleodata
PAGES Magazine issues
Past Global Changes Magazine 2018
A multi-proxy reconstruction of spatial and temporal variations in Asian summer temperatures over the last millennium
Journal articles
Shi F, Ge Q, Yang B, Li J, Yang F, Ljungqvist FC, Solomina O, Nakatsuka T, Wang N, Zhao S, Xu C, Fan... Climatic Change 2015
PAGES Focus 4: Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions Poster 2011
Posters & presentations
PAGES Scientific Steering Committee and IPO 2011
Climate variability and human impacts in Central and Eastern Europe during the last two millennia
PAGES Focus 2: Regional Climate Dynamics Poster 2011
Posters & presentations
PAGES Scientific Steering Committee & IPO 2011
Pollen-based quantitative reconstruction of land-cover change in Europe from 11,500 years ago until present – a dataset suitable for climate modelling
Journal articles
Trondman AK Linnaeus University Dissertations 2015
The trajectory of the Anthropocene: The Great Acceleration
Journal articles
Steffen W, Broadgate W, Deutsch L, Gaffney O & Ludwig C... The Anthropocene Review 2015
Climate change during the last glacial cycle
PowerPoint slides
Sirocko et al. 2005
PAGES Focus 1: Climate Forcings Poster 2011
Posters & presentations
PAGES Scientific Steering Committee and IPO 2011
Eastern African Quaternary Climate Change and Variability: a View From the Highlands
Enough is Enough, or More is More? Testing the Influence of Foraminiferal Count Size on Reconstructions of Paleo-Marsh Elevation
Journal articles
Kemp AC, Wright AJ & Cahill N Journal of Foraminiferal Research 2020
PAGES science contributions to the IPCC AR5 - 2009
Posters & presentations
Kiefer T, Wanner H, Otto-Bliesner B, Solomina O & Newman L... 2009
Tropical sea surface temperature for the past four centuries reconstructed from coral archives
Journal articles
Tierney JE, Abram NJ, Anchukaitis KJ, Evans MN, Giry C, Kilbourne KH, Saenger CP, Wu HC & Zinke J... Paleoceanography 2015
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