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PAGES e-news vol. 2021, no.1
PAGES e-news vol. 2021, no.2
Sea-level stands from the Western Mediterranean over the past 6.5 million years
Journal articles
Dumitru OA, Austermann J, Polyak VJ, Fornós JJ, Asmerom Y, Ginés J, Ginés A & Onac BP... Scientific Reports 2021
Special feature: measuring components of ecological resilience in long-term ecological datasets
Special issue articles
Seddon AWR Biology Letters 2021
Ecological resilience: from theory to empirical observations using long-term datasets
Special issues
Biology Letters 2021
Last interglacial (MIS 5e) sea-level proxies in southeastern South America
Journal articles
Gowan EJ, Rovere A, Ryan DD, Richiano S, Montes A, Pappalardo M & Aguirre ML... Earth System Science Data 2021
International methods and comparisons in climate reconstruction and impacts from archives of societies
Special issues
Climate of the Past 2021
The response of annual minimum temperature on the eastern central Tibetan Plateau to large volcanic eruptions over the period 1380–2014  CE
Special issue articles
Wang Y, Shao X, Zhang Y & Li M Climate of the Past 2021
Evaluating the utility of qualitative personal diaries in precipitation reconstruction in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Special issue articles
Harvey-Fishenden A & Macdonald N Climate of the Past 2021
PAGES e-news vol. 2021, no. 3
Social resilience and its scale effects along the historical Tea-Horse Road
Journal articles
Yang LE, Chen J, Geng J, Fang Y & Yang W Environmental Research Letters 2021
Carbon isotope constraints on glacial Atlantic meridional overturning: Strength vs depth
Journal articles
Muglia J & Schmittner A Quaternary Science Reviews 2021
A new global ice sheet reconstruction for the past 80 000 years
Journal articles
Gowan EJ, Zhang X, Khosravi S, Rovere A, Stocchi P, Hughes ALC, Gyllencreutz R, Mangerud J, Svendsen... Nature Communications 2021
Improving access to paleoclimate data
Journal articles
Kaushal N, Comas-Bru L, Lechleitner FA, Hatvani IG & Kern Z... Eos 2021
Cryptotephra from the Icelandic Veiðivötn 1477 CE eruption in a Greenland ice core: confirming the dating of volcanic events in the 1450s CE and assessing the eruption's climatic impact
Special issue articles
Abbott PM, Plunkett G, Corona C, Chellman NJ, McConnell JR, Pilcher JR, Stoffel M & Sigl M... Climate of the Past 2021
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