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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

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Latest entries
Name Author Journal Year Image
PAGES Focus 4: Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions Poster 2009
Posters & presentations
PAGES Scientific Steering Committee and IPO 2009
PAGES e-news, vol. 2003, no. 2
White Paper: Documentary evidence as climate proxies
Other meeting products
Pfister C, Luterbacher J, Wanner H, Wheeler D, Brázdil R, Ge Q, Hao Z, Moberg A, Grab S & del Prieto... 2009
High-Resolution Palaeoclimatology of the Last Millennium: A Review of Current Status and Future Prospects
Journal articles
Jones PD, Briffa KR, Osborn TJ, Lough JM, van Ommen TD, Vinther BM, Luterbacher J, Wahl ER, Zwiers F... The Holocene 2009
Flyer: PAGES Overview
Articles & flyers
GNIP - Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation
Workshop reports
Schotterer U & Oldfield F 1996
12 (1): Paleoclimate Research
PAGES Magazine issues
White Paper: Annually-banded corals as climate proxies
Other meeting products
Cobb K, Cole J, Lough J & Tudhope S, PAGES/CLIVAR 2009
Great Aletsch Glacier (Swiss Alps) 1858 / 2001
Paired pictures
Holzhauser H & Häberli W 2004
Press Releases
Press Releases
Using Multiple Archives to Understand Past and Present Climate
Journal articles
Dearing JA, Jones RT, Shen J, Yang X, Boyle JF, Foster GC, Crook DS & Elvin MJD... Journal of Paleolimnology 2007
22 (2): Dust
PAGES Magazine issues
Past Global Changes Magazine 2014
The East African Great Lakes: Limnology, Palaeolimnology and Biodiversity
Biomass Burning on the Rise Again
Blog Articles
Marlon J Global Paleofire website 2016
14 (3): 14C-Chronology
PAGES Magazine issues