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Glacial Mediterranean sea surface temperatures based on planktonic foraminiferal assemblages
Special issue articles
Quaternary Science Reviews 2005
Reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures from assemblages of planktonic foraminifera
Special issue articles
Kucera M, Weinelt M, Kiefer T, Pflaumann U, Hayes A, Weinelt M, Chen M-T, Mix AC, Barrows TT, Cortij... Quaternary Science Reviews 2005
Planktonic foraminiferal assemblages preserved in surface sediments correspond to multiple environment variables
Special issue articles
Morey AE, Mix AC & Pisias NG Quaternary Science Reviews 2005
Reconstruction of sea-surface conditions at middle to high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) based on dinoflagellate cyst assemblages
Special issue articles
de Vernal A, Eynaud F, Henry M, Hillaire-Marcel C, Londeix L, Mangin S, Matthiessen J, Marret F, Rad... Quaternary Science Reviews 2005
Ecological effects of reduced nutrient loading (oligotrophication) on lakes: an introduction
Special issue articles
Anderson NJ, Jeppesen E & Søndergaard M Freshwater Biology 2005
Do phytoplankton communities correctly track trophic changes? An assessment using directly measured and palaeolimnological data
Special issue articles
Dokulil MT & Teubner K Freshwater Biology 2005
Seasonal response of nutrients to reduced phosphorus loading in 12 Danish lakes
Special issue articles
Søndergaard M, Jensen JP & Jeppesen E Freshwater Biology 2005
Response of fish and plankton to nutrient loading reduction in eight shallow Danish lakes with special emphasis on seasonal dynamics
Special issue articles
Jeppesen E, Jensen JP, Søndergaard M & Lauridsen TL... Freshwater Biology 2005
The recovery of a very shallow eutrophic lake, 20 years after the control of effluent derived phosphorus
Special issue articles
Phillips G, Kelly A, Pitt J-A, Sanderson R & Taylor E... Freshwater Biology 2005
Long-term response of a shallow, moderately flushed lake to reduced external phosphorus and nitrogen loading
Special issue articles
Köhler J, Hilt S, Adrian R, Nicklisch A, Kozerski HP & Walz N... Freshwater Biology 2005
A comparison of diatom phosphorus transfer functions and export coefficient models as tools for reconstructing lake nutrient histories
Special issue articles
Bennion H, Johnes P, Ferrier R, Phillips G & Haworth E... Freshwater Biology 2005
A 250 year comparison of historical, macrofossil and pollen records of aquatic plants in a shallow lake
Special issue articles
Davidson TA, Sayer CD, Bennion H, David C, Rose N & Wade MP... Freshwater Biology 2005
Consequences of reduced nutrient loading on a lake system in a lowland catchment: deviations from the norm?
Special issue articles
Moss B, Barker T, Stephen D, Williams AE, Balayla DJ, Beklioglou M & Carvalho L... Freshwater Biology 2005
Response of a shallow Mediterranean lake to nutrient diversion: does it follow similar patterns as in northern shallow lakes?
Special issue articles
Romo S, Villena M-J, Sahuquillo M, Soria JM, Gimenez M, Alfonso T, Vicente E & Miracle MR... Freshwater Biology 2005
Response of a eutrophic, shallow subtropical lake to reduced nutrient loading
Special issue articles
Coveney MF, Lowe EF, Battoe LE, Marzolf ER & Conrow... Freshwater Biology 2005
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