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Latest entries
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Influences of oceanic rheostats and amplifiers on atmospheric CO2 content during the Late Quaternary
Special issue articles
Pedersen TF & Bertrand P Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Study of abrupt climate change by a coupled ocean–atmosphere model
Special issue articles
Manabe S & Stouffer RJ Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Past and future reorganizations in the climate system
Special issue articles
Stocker TF Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
How well can we simulate past climates? Evaluating the models using global palaeoenvironmental datasets
Special issue articles
Kohfeld KE & Harrison SP Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Abrupt onset and termination of the African Humid Period:: rapid climate responses to gradual insolation forcing
Special issue articles
de Menocal P, Ortiz J, Guilderson T, Adkins J, Sarnthein M, Baker L & Yarusinsky M... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Water isotopes in precipitation: data/model comparison for present-day and past climates
Special issue articles
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Koster RD & Masson V Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Relating paleoclimate data and past temperature gradients: Some suggestive rules
Special issue articles
Rind D Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Past global changes and their significance for the future
Special issue articles
Bradley RS Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The role of the sun in climate forcing
Special issue articles
Beer J, Mende W & Stellmacher R Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Use of paleo-records in determining variability within the volcanism–climate system
Special issue articles
Zielinski GA Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Sensitivity of modern and Holocene floods to climate change
Special issue articles
Knox JC Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
From nature-dominated to human-dominated environmental changes
Special issue articles
Messerli B, Grosjean M, Hofer T, Núñez L & Pfister C... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Antarctic’s Role Pursued in Global Climate Change
Journal articles
Mayewski P & Goodwin I Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 1999
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PAGES Magazine issues
PAGES news 1999
PEP III at the XV INQUA Congress
Workshop Reports
PAGES Magazine articles
Gasse F, Battarbee R & Stickley C PAGES news 1999
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