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Paleoclimate reconstruction along the Pole–Equator–Pole transect of the Americas (PEP 1)
Special issue articles
Markgraf V, Baumgartner TR, Bradbury JP, Diaz HF, Dunbar RB, Luckman BH, Seltzer GO, Swetnam TW & Vi... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Amazonian and neotropical plant communities on glacial time-scales: The failure of the aridity and refuge hypotheses
Special issue articles
Colinvaux PA, De Oliveira PE & Bush MB Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The history and variability of the East Asian paleomonsoon climate
Special issue articles
An Z Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Hydrological changes in the African tropics since the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Gasse F Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland
Special issue articles
Alley RB Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Rapid climatic variability of the North Atlantic Ocean and global climate: a focus of the IMAGES program
Special issue articles
Cortijo E, Labeyrie L, Elliot M, Balbon E & Tisnerat N... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The low-latitude monsoon climate during Dansgaard–Oeschger cycles and Heinrich Events
Special issue articles
Leuschner DC & Sirocko F Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Is ocean thermohaline circulation linked to abrupt stadial/interstadial transitions?
Special issue articles
Boyle EA Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Influences of oceanic rheostats and amplifiers on atmospheric CO2 content during the Late Quaternary
Special issue articles
Pedersen TF & Bertrand P Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Study of abrupt climate change by a coupled ocean–atmosphere model
Special issue articles
Manabe S & Stouffer RJ Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Past and future reorganizations in the climate system
Special issue articles
Stocker TF Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
How well can we simulate past climates? Evaluating the models using global palaeoenvironmental datasets
Special issue articles
Kohfeld KE & Harrison SP Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Abrupt onset and termination of the African Humid Period:: rapid climate responses to gradual insolation forcing
Special issue articles
de Menocal P, Ortiz J, Guilderson T, Adkins J, Sarnthein M, Baker L & Yarusinsky M... Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Water isotopes in precipitation: data/model comparison for present-day and past climates
Special issue articles
Jouzel J, Hoffmann G, Koster RD & Masson V Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
Relating paleoclimate data and past temperature gradients: Some suggestive rules
Special issue articles
Rind D Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
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