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White Paper: For an improvement of our flood knowledge through paleodata
Other meeting products
Wilhelm B, Ballesteros Canovas JA, Ahlborn M, Baker V, Benito G, Francus P, Glaser R, Kahle M, Mudel... 2017
Course material: South American Climatology and Quantitative High-Resolution Climate Reconstructions in Paleoecology
Other meeting products
Garreaud R & Birks J 2010
White Paper: Lake sediments as climate archives
Other meeting products
Juggins S 2009
White Paper: Speleothem-based climate proxy records
Other meeting products
Fleitmann D, Treble P, Cruz F, Cole J & Cobb K 2009
White Paper: Sources of uncertainty in tree-ring data
Other meeting products
Briffa K & Cook E 2009
White Paper: Sources of uncertainty in ice core data
Other meeting products
Steig EJ 2009
White Paper: Documentary evidence as climate proxies
Other meeting products
Pfister C, Luterbacher J, Wanner H, Wheeler D, Brázdil R, Ge Q, Hao Z, Moberg A, Grab S & del Prieto... 2009
White Paper: Annually-banded corals as climate proxies
Other meeting products
Cobb K, Cole J, Lough J & Tudhope S, PAGES/CLIVAR 2009
Briefing: Impacts of Ocean Acidification
Other meeting products
European Science Foundation 2009
The Darkening Sea
Other meeting products
Kolbert E The New Yorker 2006
Proceedings of the International Conference on Past Global Changes: Upper Pleistocene and Holocene climatic variations
Other meeting products
GeoLines 2000
Paleoclimate and Environmental Variability in Austral-Asian Transect during the Past 2000 Years
Other meeting products