1st Aus2k Regional Workshop: Towards Data Synthesis - Presentations

Meeting participants

, 2010

Presentations from the 1st PAGES Aus2k Regional Workshop: Towards Data Synthesis held from the 31st May - 2nd June 2010 in Melbourne.

- L. Newman: An introduction to the PAGES Regional 2k Network >pdf
- C. Turney: An introduction to Australasia 2k
- D. Karoly: Observed variability in Australasian climate and links to paleoclimatology >pdf
- T. van Ommen: High resolution Antarctic ice core records and Australian climate >pdf
- P. Baker: Tree-ring records from Australia >pdf
- J. Palmer: Tree-ring records from New Zealand >pdf
- P.F. Grierson: Tree rings and rainfall patterns in Western Australia >pdf
- M. Gagen: The last 2 ka in tropical Australasia from speleothems >pdf
- J. Lough: Contribution of coral records to understanding past Australian climates >pdf
- H. McGregor: The El Nino-Southern Oscillation from 0-2 ka >pdf
- P.C. Treble: Speleothem paleo-rainfall archives in SW and SE Australia >pdf
- P. Kershaw: Fine resolution paleoclimatic records from sedimentary basins >pdf
- K. Mills: Evidence for a pre-European drought in the Western Victorian lakes >pdf
- S. Haberle: Records of past fire events in E. Australia and Papua New Guinea over 2 ka >pdf
- K. Braganza: ENSO since AD 1525 from tree ring, coral and ice core records >pdf
- J. Gergis: Reconstructing climates of the past 0.5 ka from annually resolved paleoclimate records >pdf
- A. Lorrey: Multi-proxy climate regime reconstruction for New Zealand: The last 2 ka >pdf
- M. Evans: What caused the lat 16th century drought across western N. America? >pdf
- M. England: Role of ocean gateways in regional climate and rainfall >pdf
- M. Fischer: Reconstructing climate modes from Australian speleothems >pdf
- S. Phipps: Modeling of the last 2k >pdf
- W. Steffen: Why should we study climates of the past? >pdf
- S.P. Harrison: PMIP and the AR5: an overview of cimulations and data-model comparisons >pdf

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