ADOM 1st Workshop Presentations

Meeting participants

, 2009

Presentations given at the 1st ADOM workshop, November 2009 in France.

Modelling of aeolian dust during glacial cycles
Andrey Ganopolski & Eva Bauer (PDF 553 KB)

Dust emissions: variability and modeling
G. Bergametti, B. Marticorena, B. Laurent (PDF 14,2 MB)

Eolian deposits in China and the atmospheric circulation
Zhengtang Guo (PDF 12,2 MB)

Provenance of eolian dust and reconstruction of millennial-scale atmospheric circulation changes in East Asia during the last glacial to the Holocene
Ryuji Tada, Yuko Isozaki, Kana Nagashima, Yoshimi Kubota, Youbin Sun, Zheng Hongbo, Shin Toyoda and Yuji Nishido (PDF 35,5 MB)

Ice core estimates of paleoclimatic changes in mineral dust
Hubertus Fischer, Anna Wegner, Gisela Winckler (PDF 14,6 MB)

The importance of the atmospheric cleansing for the long-range transport of the dust : the evidence from the Antarctic ice core records
J.R. Petit, B. Delmonte (PDF 750 KB)

Atmospheric circulation Dynamics during the last glacial cycle: Observations and Modeling: where does it come from, where are we, what can we expect?
D.D. Rousseau (PDF 8,2 MB)

Dust record dating
Christine Hatte (PDF 5 MB)

Current Issues in Modelling Modern Dust
Ina Tegen (PDF 4 MB)

Imprint of North-Atlantic abrupt climate changes on European loess deposits during the last glaciation: a modeling perspective
Sima et al. (PDF 2,4 MB)

Aeolian dynamics and processes during the last (successions loess / paléosols) et méthodologie générale glacial in Europe : data from loess-palaeosol sequences
Pierre Antoine et al. (PDF 3,8 MB)

A Holocene dust concentration record from the new greenlandic NEEM ice core - Preliminary results
Anna Wegner (PDF 0.6 MB)

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