2nd PAGES Global Monsoon Symposium Presentations and Posters

Meeting participants

, 2010

Presentations and posters from the 2nd PAGES Global Monsoon Symposium held in Shanghai, China from the 13-15th Sept 2010.


Keynote: Peter Webster: The Evolving Monsoon: Past, Present, and Future
> PDF (15,2 MB)

Fasullo, John: The Global Monsoon, Insights from NCAR's CCSM4
> PDF (14,8 MB)

Ding, Yihui: The Variability of the Asian Summer Monsoon in Warmer Climate
> PDF (8,3 MB)

Wu, Guoxiong: Multi-Scale Forcing and the Formation of Subtropical Desert and Monsoon
> PDF (12,5 MB)

Peterson, Larry: The Paleohydrology of Northern South America and its Relationship to Global Abrupt Climate Change
> PDF (20,8 MB)

Braconnot, Pascale: Relative Impact of Insolation Changes, Fresh Water Fluxes and Ice Sheet On African and Asian Monsoon Characteristics
> PDF (5,6 MB)

Tada, Ryuji: Millennial-Scale Tele-Connection of Monsoon in Northern Hemisphere Through Westerly Jet/ITCZ and its Relation with Solar Activity
> PDF (12,3 MB)

Cruz, Francisco: South American Monsoon Regime in the Last Two Glacial Cycles
> PDF (4 MB)

Soon, Willie: A Mechanistic View of the Sun-Climate Connection: The Role of The Arctic
> PDF (3,7 MB)

Liu, Jian: Centennial Variation of the Global Monsoon Precipitation in the Last Millennium
> PDF (8,8 MB)

Yadav, Ram: Climate over the Himalayas during the Last Millennium and Southwest Summer Monsoon Connections
> PDF (16,7 MB)

Valentine, Eric: Some Methodological Issues in the Reconstruction of Flood Histories From Sedimentary Records
> PDF (11,3 MB)

Marengo, José: Recent Developments on the South American Monsoon System
> PDF (4,4 MB)

Zhou, Tianjun: Numerical Simulation of the Last Millennial Climate Change with LASG/IAP Climate System Model
> PDF (13,2 MB)


Modeling the impact of late Neogene mountain uplift on the African-Asian monsoon systems and African vegetation development
Jung, G., Prange, M., and Schulz, M.
> PDF (2,3 MB)

Evidence for Holocene Event 3 and Little Ice Age in Taiwan: Constraints from Sediment Magnetic and Geochemical Parameters
Selvaraj, Kandasamy, Kao, Shuh-Ji, Hsu, Shih-Chieh, Lee, Teh-Quei, Wei, Kuo-Yen, and Liu, Kon-Kee
> PDF (6,7 MB)

Asynchronous evolution of the Indian and East Asian Summer Monsoon indicated by Holocene moisture patterns in monsoonal central Asia
Wang, Yongbo, Liu, Xingqi, and Herzschuh, Ulrike
> PDF (1,2 MB)

‘Major’ volcanic eruptions since 1883 and East Asian monsoon variability
Yim, Wyss W.-S., Huang, Judy W.-R. , and Chan, Johnny C.L.
> PDF (0,2 MB)

Asian Monsoon variations during the middle Holocene: Evidence from the stalagmite record from the western China Loess Plateau
Zhang, Pingzhong, Cheng, Hai, and Edwards, R. Lawrence
> PDF (2,8 MB)

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