Paleo-ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events Workshop

PAGES Ocean Acidification Working Group Catalina Island Workshop, 2010

Meeting participants

, 2010

Presentations from the PAGES Ocean Acidification Working Group's workshop: Paleo-ocean Acidification and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Events held from the 26 - 28 August, 2010 on Catalina Island, California, USA.

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Richard Zeebe - Ocean Acidification: Past, Present, Future

Daniela Schmidt - Ecosystem changes in the paleocean – are the results of carbon perturbation events?

Andrew Dickson - Faster, better, cheaper? Improving seawater carbonate measurements.

Appy Sluijs - Strong CO2 dependency of dinoflagellate carbon isotope fractionation

Luc Beaufort - Variability of coccolithophore calcification through time

Adina Paytan - Past ocean acidification - what can we learn from changes in seawater Ca isotopes

Jim Zachos - Current state of evidence for changes in carbonate saturation during the PETM

John Higgins - New views on carbonate compensation in deep time

Carles Pelejero - Coral reefs and ocean pH: Modern pH variability and paleo-reconstructions for the recent past

Rowan Martindale - Coral constraints on atmospheric CO2 at the T-J Boundary (~200 MA), a potential Ocean Acidification event

Ryan Moyer - Historical Records of Coral Geochemistry and Calcification and Their Relationship to Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification

Phil Sexton - Multiple Eocene ‘hyperthermal’ events driven by ventilation of carbon from the ocean

Liz Sikes - Changes in Ocean circulation alter the partioning of CO2 between the atmosphere and ocean

Eric Sundquist - Carbonate Buffering Constraints on Paleoocean Alkalinity and pH

Patrizia Ziveri - Intermediate and deep water circulation

Ben Flower - Sediment dissolution episodes in the early to middle Miocene: Evidence for cyclic carbon cycle perturbations in the Neogene?

Figen Mekik - Tracing deep sea calcite and aragonite dissolution

Branwen Williams - Coralline Algae

Laura Foster - Measurement by SIMS

Helen Bostock - Carbonate Concentrations in the SW Pacific

Jelle Bijma - Calcification mechanisms in foraminifers, coccoliths, corals

Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez - Molecular progress in response to ocean acidification

Leah Schneider - Global nannoplankton response to early Eocene ocean destratification

Marius Müller - Influence of physiology on coccolithophorid calcite chemistry (d26/24Mg and d88/86Sr)

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