LOTRED-SA metadatabase

This a working tool used by the Africa2k working group to compile metadata on proxy records that fit the PAGES 2k Network criteria within Africa. The group is currently working on phase 2 of the PAGES 2k Network project.

Phase 1:
The phase 1 results, which Africa contributed to, can be found in:
PAGES 2k Consortium (2013) Continental-scale temperature variability during the last two millennia Nature Geoscience 6: 339–346, doi: 10.1038/NGEO1797

The phase 1 data is available for download through the NOAA Paleoclimatology website here.

About this metadatabase:
The map and table below provide an overview of all of the entries in the Africa2k metadatabase.
Map: Click on the flags on the map to view details of the entry.
Table: Datasets are sorted by the date they were entered, with the latest entry on top.
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