8 (3): Ecosystem Processes and Past Human Impacts

Eds: Oldfield F & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 8(3), 1-36, 2000


The first PAGES news to concentrate almost entirely on Human Interactions in Past Environmental Changes. As a result of human actions and their impact on the environment, we now live in a ‘no-analogue’ biosphere; but these human actions have a history which, in some areas, stretches back over thousands of years. Understanding present day and effectively anticipating future global changes calls for a thorough appraisal of this history, as several of the articles published here emphasize.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> Ecosystem Processes and Past Human Impacts [p.1-2]
F. Oldfield and B. Messerli

Science Highlights

> Historical Variability in Ecosystem Management [p.2-4]
C.L. Millar

> The Human Factor in Paleoclimate [p.4-5]
C. Redman

> The Ystad Project – A Case Study for Multidisciplinary Research on Long-Term Human Impact [p.6-7]
B.E. Berglund

> Bridging the Biophysical-Cultural Divide: The Role of Historical Ecology [p.8-9]
C.L. Crumley

Program News

> Non-Linear Responses and Surprises [p.10]
> Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems During the Period of Agriculture (LUCIFS) [p.10]
> Examples from the Rhine Catchment [p.11-13]
> Synergistic Effects of Climate and Human Activities on Flooding and Soil Erosion: Lac D’Annecy [p.14-16]
> The Murrumbidgee River Catchment, Australia [p.16]
> High Resolution Lake Sediments from New Zealand – a Record of Late Holocene Storm History, Vegetation Change and Landscape Response [p.17-18]
> Past Erosion and Sedimentation within Drainage Basins on the Russian Plain [p.19]
> Human Impact on Lake Ecosystems (LIMPACS) [p.20-21]
> Ecosystem Processes and Human Dimensions – The Scope and Future Of HITE [p.21-23]
> Using History To Interpret Current Environmental Conditions and Future Trends: An Example from the US Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program [p.23-25]
> The Role of Long Time Series of Ecological Data for the Calibration & Evaluation of Ecological Models [p.26-28]
> Shift From Deciduous to Coniferous Forest in Southern Scandinavia Driven by Climate Change and Land-Use Interactions [p.29-30]
> Long Term Land-Cover Changes on Regional to Global Scales Inferred From Fossil Pollen – How to Meet the Challenges of Climate Research? [p.30-32]

Workshop Reports

> BIOME 300 – A Joint Initiative of LUCC and PAGES [p.32]
> The 5th ELDP Workshop: The Record of Human/ Climate Interactions in Lake Sediments [p.33]

Technical Reports

> Improvements for Piston Coring Systems: Results of Technical Experiments [p.34-35]
U. Harms, L. Wohlgemuth and B. Zolitschka


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