Reports from PAGES' Young Scientists Meeting 2017

The Young Scientists Meeting (YSM) Scientific Program Committee (SPC) worked for more than a year to prepare an exciting program for the three-day meeting. Four participants from the 2nd PAGES YSM were members of the SPC, in addition to members of PAGES’ Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). We based this program on previous YSMs (Corvallis, USA, 2009 and Goa, India, 2013) and tried to keep their highlights and improve on any weaknesses. We exchanged a lot of emails, shared many documents and held several online meetings in order to finalize the program.

YSM 2017 participants

At the YSM, attendees presented their ongoing research and heard from two keynote speakers – SSC members Sheri Fritz (University of Nebraska, USA) and Mike Evans (University of Maryland, USA). Time was also allocated for discussion and networking – we organized social activities, panel discussions and breakout groups.

The committee received more than 200 applications to attend the YSM. It was a heartbreaking task to select the participants from all the excellent applications. The venue could only accommodate a limited number and we wanted to keep the meeting small to favor networking. Thus, 80 participants (38 from Europe, 24 from North America and nine from Africa, South America or Asia) disembarked the buses in Morillo de Tou on Sunday 7 May 2017.

Everything was ready! We (the YSM SPC) were just hoping that everything would run as planned, and that the early-career researchers would be delighted with the program.

The mini section hereafter provides an account of the participants’ experiences during the YSM. They report on what they learned from the many activities and on what they discussed during the meeting. All views are their own and we hope you enjoy their insights.

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