25 (3): Centennial to Millennial Climate Variability

Eds: Crucifix M, de vernal A, Franzke C & von Gunten L

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 25(3), 131-166, 2017


Number of pages: 36

This issue of Past Global Changes Magazine “Centennial to Millennial Climate Variability" shows how recent progress in our knowledge of past climates led us to revisit our ideas about the spectrum of natural climate variability. Contributions highlight the concept of scaling laws, but also warn about pitfalls of paleoclimate timeseries analysis. It is a product of PAGES' Climate Variability Across Scales (CVAS) working group.

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> Centennial climate change: The unknown variability zone [p.133]
Michel Crucifix, A. de Vernal and C. Franzke

Science Highlights

> Why is scaling important? [p.134-135]
Christian L.E. Franzke and Naiming Yuan

> How scaling fluctuation analysis transforms our view of the climate [p.136-137]
Shaun Lovejoy

> Scaling of global temperatures explained by linear energy balance models [p.138-139]
Kristoffer Rypdal and Hege-Beate Fredriksen

> Inferring past climate variations from proxies: Separating climate and non-climate variability [p.140-141]
Thomas Laepple, T. Münch and A.M. Dolman

> Temporal scales and signal modeling in dendroclimatology [p.142-143]
Joël Guiot

> Variability of Arctic sea-ice cover at decadal to millennial scales: the proxy records [p.144-145]
Anne de Vernal

> On the limits of climate reconstruction from water stable isotopes in polar ice cores [p.146-147]
Mathieu Casado, A. J. Orsi and A. Landais

> Centennial to millennial-scale sea-level change during the Holocene and Last Interglacial periods [p.148-149]
Robert E. Kopp, A. Dutton and A.E. Carlson

> Basic mechanisms of centennial climate variability [p.150-151]
Henk A. Dijkstra and Anna S. von der Heydt

> On the importance of centennial variability for ice ages [p.152-153]
Peter Ditlevsen and Michel Crucifix

Workshop Reports

> Regional carbon isotope syntheses from the last deglaciation [p.154]
> Interglacials of the 41 ka-world and the Mid-Pleistocene Transition [p.155]
> From caves to climate: Creating the SISAL global speleothem database [p.156]
> Speleothem isotope records for climate model evaluation [p.157]
> Aquatic transitions in Southeast Asia and Oceania [p.158]
> TropPEAT Workshop on low-latitude peat-forming ecosystems [p.159]
> PMIP4 contribution to CMIP6 [p.160]
> The Pollen-Climate Methods Inter-comparison Project [p.161]
> Climate dynamics with the Last Millennium Reanalysis [p.162]
> Paleo-event data standards for dendrochronology [p.163]
> Climate Change: The Karst Record (KR8) conference [p.164]
> The Role of Environment in the Socio-Cultural Changes of the Ancient Silk Road Area [p.165]


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