26 (1): Past Land Use and Land Cover

Eds: Gaillard-Lemdahl M-J, Whitehouse N, Madella M, Morrison K & von Gunten L

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 26(1), 1-44, 2018


Number of pages: 44

This issue of Past Global Changes Magazine "Past Land Use and Land Cover" emphasizes the need for appropriate reconstructions of past land-use and land-cover change to study the effect of past anthropogenic land-cover change on climate (the land-use forcing) using Earth System Models. It also highlights how land-use and land-cover change over past millennia can be reconstructed at local to regional and continental scales using the results of archaeological studies combined with model-based quantification of past plant cover from fossil pollen data. The magazine is a product of PAGES' LandCover6k working group.

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> Past land-use and land-cover change: the challenge of quantification at the subcontinental to global scales [p.3]
Marie-José Gaillard, K.D. Morrison, M. Madella and N. Whitehouse

Science Highlights

> Do we need to include anthropogenic land-use and land-cover changes in paleoclimate simulations? [p.4-5]
Sandy P. Harrison, B.D. Stocker, K. Klein Goldewijk, J.O. Kaplan and P. Braconnot

> Contrasting CO2 emissions from different Holocene land-use reconstructions: Does the carbon budget add up? [p.6-7]
Benjamin D. Stocker, Z. Yu and F. Joos

> Global-scale comparisons of human land use: developing shared terminology for land-use practices for global change [p.8-9]
Kathleen D. Morrison, E. Hammer, L. Popova, M. Madella, N. Whitehouse, M-J Gaillard and LandCover6k Land-Use Group Members

> European forest cover since the start of Neolithic agriculture: a critical comparison of pollen-based reconstructions [p.10-11]
Jessie Woodbridge, R.M. Fyfe, C.N. Roberts, A.K. Trondman, F. Mazier and B. Davis

> Modeling past human-induced vegetation change is a challenge – the case of Europe [p.12-13]
Laurent Marquer, A. Dallmeyer, A. Poska, J. Pongratz, B. Smith and M.-J. Gaillard

> Mapping pre-Columbian land use in Amazonia [p.14-15]
Umberto Lombardo, C. McMichael, E. Kazuo Tamanaha and workshops participants

> Joining the dots of land-use and land-cover change in Eastern Africa [p.16-17]
Oliver Boles, C. Courtney-Mustaphi, S. Richer and R. Marchant

> Towards a global history of agricultural systems [p.18-19]
Mats Widgren

> The unexpected land use: rain-fed agriculture in drylands [p.20-21]
Stefano Biagetti, C. Lancelotti, A. Zerboni, D. Usai and M. Madella

> Simulating vegetation in ancient Japan using HUMPOL: A pollen-based multi-scenario modeling approach [p.22-23]
Lauren Bell, E. Crema, M.J. Bunting and M. Madella

> Prehistoric land-cover and land-use history in Ireland at 6000 BP [p.24-25]
Nicki J. Whitehouse, M. J. Bunting, M. McClatchie, P. Barratt, R. McLaughlin, R. Schulting and A. Bogaard

> The AgriChange project: an integrated on-site approach to agricultural and land-use change during the Neolithic in Western Europe [p.26-27]
Ferran Antolín, S. Häberle, A. Jesus, H. Martínez-Grau, G. Prats, M. Schäfer and B.L. Steiner

> Comparing and modeling the spread of early farming across Europe [p.28-29]
Marc Vander Linden and Fabio Silva

> Using archaeology for population estimates and land use reconstructions: a perspective from Central Europe [p.30-31]
Jan Kolář, M. Macek and P. Szabó

> What do pollen-based quantitative reconstructions of plant cover tell us about past anthropogenic deforestation in Eastern China? [p.32-33]
Furong Li, X. Cao, U. Herzschuh, X. Jia, S. Sugita, P.E. Tarasov, M. Wagner, Q. Xu, F. Chen, A. Sun and M.-J. Gaillard

> Finding the magnitude of human-induced Northern Hemisphere land-cover transformation between 6 and 0.2 ka BP [p.34-35]
Andria Dawson , X. Cao, M. Chaput, E. Hopla, F. Li, M. Edwards, R. Fyfe, K. Gajewski, S.J. Goring, U. Herzschuh, F. Mazier, S. Sugita, J.W. Williams, Q. Xu and M.-J. Gaillard

Program News

> The PAGES Early-Career Network [p.36]

Workshop Reports

> Phasing of ice-sheet and sea-level responses to past climate change [p.37]
> Understanding and modeling space-time Holocene climate variability [p.38]
> Enhancing global monsoon research in ocean drilling [p.39]
> Paleofire knowledge for current and future ecosystem management [p.40]
> Understanding the roles of fuels, climate and people in predicting fire: taking the long view [p.41]
> Climate change in Africa: Evidence, mechanisms and impacts - Past and present [p.42]
> Decades of quaternary research in Eastern Africa: Implications for sustainable future [p.43]


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