12 (2): DEKLIM: A German Contribution to the IGBP-PAGES Program

Eds: Sirocko F, Lohmann G, Kull C & Christen L

PAGES news, vol. 12(2), 1-36, 2004


This issue of PAGES news focuses on DEKLIM, the German Climate Research Programme. The contributions in this special issue highlight state-of-the-art paleo-research and the liveliness of activities in this area.

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> DEKLIM - PALEO [p.2]
U. Katenkamp

Science Highlights

> Climate Changes in Southern Patagonia (Santa Cruz, Argentina) Inferred From Lake Sediments: The Multi-Proxy Approach of SALSA [p.9-11]
B. Zolitschka, F. Schäbitz, A. Lücke, M. Wille, C. Mayr, C. Ohlendorf, F. Anselmetti, D. Ariztegui, H. Corbella, B. Ercolano, M. Fey, T. Haberzettl, N.I. Maidana, G.E. Oliva, M. Paez and G.H. Schleser

> Reconstruction of Large-Scale Atmospheric Circulation and Data Assimilation in Paleoclimatology [p.12-13]
M. Widmann, J.M. Jones and H. von Storch

> Solar Variability and Holocene Climate: Evidence from Radiocarbon, Tree-Ring Proxies and Climate System Modeling [p.13-15]
B. Kromer, M. Claussen, N. Latuske, M. Lüken, S. Remmele and G. Schleser

> Simulation of the Oxygen Isotope Ratio in Foraminiferal Carbonate During Heinrich Event 1: A Climate Model-Data Comparison [p.15-17]
A. Paul and S. Mulitza

> Climate Change at the Very End of a Warm Stage: First Results From the Last Glacial Inception at 117,000 yr BP [p.18-20]
F. Sirocko, U. Cubasch, F. Kaspar, H. Von Storch, M. Widmann, T. Litt, N. Kühl, A. Mangini, H.-J. Pachur, M. Claussen, C. Kubatzki, F.W. Junge, T. Böttger, M. Krbetschek and D. Degering

> Climate Transitions: Forcing and Feedback Mechanisms of Glacial- Interglacial and Recent Climate Change [p.21-22]
G. Lohmann, M. Butzin, M. Dima, K. Grosfeld, G. Knorr, L. Könnecke, V. Romanova, S. Schubert and S. Zech

> Tree-Rings, Isotopes, Climate and Environment: TRICE [p.22-23]
G. Helle and O. Panferov

> CLIMCYC: Modeling of the Last Glacial Cycle: Response of Climate and Vegetation to Insolation Forcing Between 132-112 ka BP [p.24-25]
U. Mikolajewicz, M. Gröger, E. Maier-Reimer, G. Schurgers, M. Vizcaino and A. Winguth

> GHOST (Global Holocene Spatial and Temporal Climate Variability): Combination of Paleotemperature Records, Statistics and Modeling [p.25-26]
R.R. Schneider, J.-H. Kim, N. Rimbu, S. Lorenz, G. Lohmann, U. Cubasch, J. Pätzold and G. Wefer

> Late Glacial Environmental and Climatic Changes from Synchronized Terrestrial Archives of Central Europe: The Network PROSIMUL [p.27-29]
M. Friedrich, A. Lücke, A. Schwalb and S. Hanisch

> The Global Carbon Cycle During the Last Glacial/Interglacial Transition [p.29-30]
H. Fischer, P. Köhler J. Schmitt and F. Fundel

> Coral Climate History of the Subtropical North Atlantic (CorClim) [p.31-32]
J. Pätzold, H. Kuhnert, T. Crüger, H.V. Storch and E. Zorita

Program News

> PROPER – Teaching Paleoclimate on a European Level [p.4-5]
> The Catalan Network of Palaeoclimatology (Palaeocat) [p.5-6]
> Paleoclimate Research within DEKLIM [p.6-7]

Workshop Reports

> Holocene Climate in the Alps: Toward a Common Framework? [p.33-34]
> Indian Monsoon and Holocene Climate Variability [p.34]
> PAN Africa START-PAGES-INQUA Workshop on African Paleoenvironments [p.35]

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