6 (1): Loess

Eds: Oldfield F & Alverson K

PAGES news, vol. 6(1), 1-20, 1998


This issue includes a major section devoted to paleoenvironmental research on the Chinese loess and paleosol sequences that provide one of the world’s most detailed and continuous continental records of past environmental change.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> Loess [p.1]
F. Oldfield

Science Highlights

> Loess Dating Progress in China [p.2]
J. Liu, T. Liu and T Chen

> A new Proxy of the East Asian Paleomonsoon [p.2]
Z. Guo, T. Liu, L. Wei, N. Wu, H. Lu and W. Jiang

> Reconstruction of Paleoclimate in the Loess Plateau using Non-Linear Mathematical Methods [p.3]
N. Wu, H. Lu and Z. Guo

> Climatic Instability during the Penultimate Glaciation: Evidence from the Chinese Loess Deposits [p.3-4]
Z. L. Ding, J.Z. Ren, J.M. Sun and T.S. Liu

> Millennial-Scale Climatic Oscillations during the Last Interglaciation in Central China [p.4]
Z. An and S. C. Porter

> Seasonal Climatic Variation recorded by Phytolith Assemblages from the Baoji Loess Sequence in Central China over the last 150 ka [p.4-5]
H. Lu, N. Wu, T. Liu, J. Han, X. Qin, X. Sun and Y. Wange

> Comparison of East Asian Monsoon Proxies from the Central China Loess Plateau and Lake Biwa [p.5]
J.L. Xiao

> Last Interglacial sharp Monsoon Fluctuations: Rock Magnetic and Paleomagnetic Evidence from High Resolution Loess-Paleosol Sequence, Lanzhou, China [p.6]
X.-M. Fang, J.-J. Li, S. Banerjee and R. van der Voo

> High Resolution Pedogenic and Rock Magnetic Records of Asian Summer Monsoon Instability during the past 60,000 Years from the Chinese Western Loess Plateau [p.7]
X.-M- Fang, B.-T. Pan, J.-J. Li, D.-H. Guan, Y. Ono, H. Fukusawa, S. Nagatsuka and M. Torii

> The Chinese Loess Plateau — Far and Wide [p.8]
P. E. Biscaye and F. E. Grousset

> Comparing the Stratigraphy of the Last Glaciation in the Loess Plateau and the Indian and Pacific Oceans [p.9]
C. D. Rokosh, N. W. Rutter, E.C. Little, Z. Ding and T. Sun

> Glacial and Interglacial Patterns for Asian Dust Transport [p.10]
X. Y. Zhang, Z. S. An and R. Arimoto

> East Asian Monsoon Variations during the Last Interglacial: Evidence from the Northwestern Margin of the Chinese Loess Plateau [p.10]
F. H. Chan, J. M. Wang and J. Bloemendal

> PAGES Focus 3: A new Initiative on past Human Impacts [p.12-13]
F. Oldfield

> Land Use and Climate Impacts on Fluvial Systems during the Period of Agriculture (LUCIFS) [p.14]
B. Wasson

Workshop Reports

> Report on Open Science Meeting and Panel Discussion [p.11-12]
> Second Workshop on Global Paleoenvironmental Data [p.14-15]
> PEP1: Paleoclimate of the Americas [p.15]
> ScanTran [p.15-16]
> Changes in the Geosphere-Biosphere during the last 15,000 Years [p.16-17]
> Global Change Research in Mountain Regions [p.17]
> Calibration of Historical Data for Reconstruction of Climate Variations [p.17-18]

PAGES and Biodiversity

> Global Climate Change and the South African Flora: Past, Present and Future [p.19]
J.C.N. Allsopp, W.J. Bond, G.F. Midgley and M.C. Rutherford


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